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I am a thirty something wife and mother of two. I read in all of my free time and some of my not so free time. Sleep, who needs sleep! I started out several years ago and after finding some amazing books and even more amazing friends GR has become my favorite place to hang. I started out with Urban Fantasy that was heavy on the romance and branched out in to straight contemporary romance. Now I am reading a variety of book. Some New Adult, some Contemporary Romance, some YA, Erotica and some Dark Erotica. If there is a love story in there, I'll read it. I am a complete sap for a good love story. I prefer a HEA (insert unicorns, rainbows and kittens). I really dislike major cliffhangers when there is more than a few months gap between releases. I read so many books that I forget the story line. I sometimes wait until the whole series is out so I can plow through the whole thing. :-)

Twisted Perfection (Perfection, #1) - Abbi Glines Two separate lives. Two separate paths that connect in an unexpected encounter. Both trapped. Both looking for happiness and freedom. What they find is each other.Della is on a journey. Her destination...to find herself. She has been trapped at home for all of her life. She has a past filled with fear that she is determined to overcome.Woods is looking for some fun before he is forced to do his parents bidding. He is stuck marrying a woman he doesn't love to inherit a business he is destined to run. His father is the ultimate puppet master and Woods is nothing but a pawn.One hot night together and Della has been ruined to all other men. Woods gives her something she didn't know existed. She gives him memories to last a lifetime. But all too soon their time is over and they both move on.Della's journey to find herself once again crosses into the path of Woods. But this time, he is determined to get to the bottom of what makes up Della Sloan.Della is afraid, she is afraid of herself and she is afraid of falling in love. She doesn't want to burden anyone with her future.Della has issues. She has big issues. She has no idea how to get better but she is determined to try.Woods gets pulled in more and more by his father and he doesn't know if he can get out. Leaving would be so easy but he would have to give up everything he has ever thought he would be.In the end they both have to decide if they are worth fighting for. Della must fight her inner demons as Woods fights the demons on his doorstep. They both are saddled with family baggage that is too big to carry alone but may just be bearable with the help of someone they love.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This was a really sweet and interesting twist on a love story. I really liked Della. She was genuine and I believed her story and her fear. Woods, he was to die for. Man, he was over the top protective alpha male and he was HOT! The chemistry was smoking, the writing was amazing and the story had me hooked. Abbi Glines is a sure thing and she didn't disappoint with this one.
The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1) - Tarryn Fisher This book is highly rated on Goodreads and Amazon. Most people loved it. It's a twisted tale of a woman who is not the most moral or stable person on the planet.Olivia Kaspen has been living a meager existence. She lost the love of her life and she is a little obsessed with him. She had never really loved or been loved until Caleb.Caleb and Olivia met in college. He tried to sweep her off her feet but Olivia was not so easily won. She put up a fight, but Caleb wasn't backing down.Eventually he wore her down and they had time together. That was before Olivia killed all that there relationship was. She built there love on a web of lies and deceit. Emotionally, Olivia is extremely immature. She is dysfunctional and toxic in relationships.“I had now officially secured my front row seat on the train to Hell. Choo choo” A relationship built on lies may as well be built on a house of cards.When it all crumbled, she was left picking up the pieces of her life. But Olivia can't seem to move on.“You can only give your heart away once, after that, everything else will chase your first love” So when she sees Caleb in a record store, she can't help but approach him. To her surprise, he doesn't remember her. He has amnesia. So Olivia, being who she is, begins to build a new relationship with him. She knows that her time is short. He has been told by the doctors that he will regain his memory. Olivia knows what she is doing is wrong, but she does it anyway. “He was my crack. I could never get enough, and when I had him I was already thinking about when I could have him next.” Caleb doesn't remember who he was or what he was like. He woke up in a hospital bed and he was in a relationship with Leah. He has been with her for a while but he is not sure he wants to be. When he meets Olivia, something clicks. But Leah is not giving up so easily.Leah comes after Olivia and it is a battle for the man they both love. Leah goes after Olivia with all she has. Caleb is no longer sure where to turn or who to believe.Caleb's life may not have been as happy before the accident as it appeared on the outside. He has a chance to start over.Olivia drops a few bombs that leaves Caleb questioning everything he thought he knew about her.“There is more to loving someone than just making yourself happy. You have to want him to be happier than you are.” - Olivia This book is full of emotional stunted people. They come from pasts that leave them so damaged that they only know how to hurt each other. I felt so bad for Caleb. I don't think Olivia was maliciously setting out to destroy his life, but she did end up playing God. She made choices and did things that forever altered the path of his life, and she did it repeatedly. She did feel remorse, but not enough to keep her from doing it again. She was like a five year old and Caleb was a piece of candy that she simply had to have. She couldn't help herself.This book was brilliantly written and the character development was amazing. The dialogue was great, the flow was flawless. I just didn't connect with Olivia. I will not be reading the next book. It was just to hard for me to relate to the characters. So four stars for content. I took one off because I just didn't love this book. Having said that, lots of other people did. Perhaps it was just me.
Three Hearts, One Soul (The Soul Series, #1) - Bec Botefuhr This is one of those books. The kind that rip your heart out, stomp on it and then throw it around and toss it out. I was gutted by this story. There was no easing into it. It just took off right out of the gates. I cried like a baby. I loved it and I hated it. So here is my take on this tale.Neveah is a young woman who has been walking through life but not really living. You see, a piece of her went missing about five years ago. Now she is a nurse in a small hospital and she is getting by.Jarrod, aka Whiskey, was the bad boy next door. He was the dark horse in the trio. Whiskey had a thing for Neveah and he always called her Heaven. She has always been his heaven.Jae was the one who kept the other two in line. He grounded Whiskey and he loved Nev. They grew up together and when they got old enough. That love evolved into something more.Nev struggled. She loved both brothers and couldn't choose between the two. She decided to just continue being friends with both of them. One night changed everything forever.So the brothers did the only thing they knew how to do. Rather than hate each other or force her to choose, they ran away. They both took off and hadn't seen each other in five years.Nev is all grown up now. While doing her rounds in the hospital she walks in to meet her new patient and finds Jase. He is very sick. Nev immediately wants to do anything she can to help him. Jase decides to spend his time with Nev. He wants to have what they never did while he can.Jase asks Nev to help him find Whiskey but Whiskey doesn't want to be found. Nev made a promise that she will find him before it's too late. Nev has to figure out how she can move past the two men she loved leaving her.Whiskey has been MIA and he has fallen in with some bad people. He refuses to talk to her about it. Even though she started getting strange phone calls after she started looking for him.Nev won't give up on Jase. She just got him back and she can't loose him again.This is where you should pull out your Kleenex....Whiskey is not the man he was. He is broken and tattered. Jase makes them promise to stay together and work things out. Whiskey has other ideas. In the meantime, Nev is hurting, she's scared and alone. She finds herself being pulled back in by Whiskey.This book is so hard to review without giving too much away. In the end, it was simply amazing and I can not freaking wait for book two!“True love to me, is that person that just fits you. Not only are they your best friend, your lover and your rock, but they’re your hero, your worst enemy, and everything in between. It’s the love that makes you, it can also be the love that breaks you.” - Jase This was intense! It was so worth it though. The story is told from Neveah's point of view. There are flashbacks to when they were younger but they are not distracting and they add a lot to the story. There are a lot of revelations and a lot of pain. This book was raw and real and you can't help but feel the pain and anguish as well as the love. I absolutely adored this writing style. Bec Botefuhr, you are amazing!5 Soul Shattering Stars!
Price of a Kiss - Linda Kage Reese is very unlucky in love. She has moved across the country and is living above her Aunt and Uncle's garage. She has enrolled in a school that is way below her academically. The perk? No one from her old home knows where she is. She has changed her name and fled her home in an effort to escape her psycho ex-boyfriend.Mason is the hottest guy on campus. He is also the least available guy. He is a gigolo. He sells his body to rich older women. He's going to college to get out of that business but everyone in this small town knows Mason and the rumors run rampant.Mason is strolling across campus and Reese is drawn to him immediately.Reese doesn't see Mason's history or his profession. She sees a person and treats him like anyone else. Who is she to judge? She's had her own share of issues. Her cousin Ava is not so forgiving. She only sees Mason for what he is.As she gets to know him, she realizes that the rumors are true.The problem is, he is really good at his job. Like, really really good.“So, you don’t give out freebies? Like ever?” That just sounded so bizarre to me. I would’ve thought a gigolo would be a complete man-whore, even off the clock. But when his jaw went dead still as he stopped chewing and he said, “Are you…asking for one?” Reese begins spending more time with Mason. She realizes that all is not as it seems with him. They spend lunches together in the courtyard. Reese didn't stand a chance against this Casanova. She's a goner.“You’re the warm sun that shines when everything else is dark,” he went on, lifting his hands to rest them on the wall on either side of my face. “A smile and a hug in a roomful of disapproval. You’re…” Wincing, he pressed his forehead against mine. “You’re everything.”- MasonHow can she be with someone who sleeps with women for money? How can he think about asking her to?“Eva was right. I could never deserve you. You’re too good for me. You’re out of my reach. You’re…you’re Reese Randall.” “You’re wrong. I’m not.” I wasn’t really Reese Randall, and I certainly wasn’t out of his reach. “All you have to do is stretch out your hand, Mason.” Pressing my palm against my chest, I whispered, “I’m right here.” Mason's past collides with Reese's and the result may be catastrophic.I loved Reese. She was funny and sweet and she never gave in to the rampant rumors. She refused to let what others might think of her cloud her decision to befriend Mason. Despite Mason's career, I loved him too. He was doing what he thought he needed to do for his family. There is a long story there that I don't want to give away, let's just say he had his reasons for doing what he did.Overall, a very sweet and cute read. Some people may not be able to get past the number of women he has been with, but this author did this story well. It was not as gross and awful as it could have been. Mason becomes such a romantic and he is so swoon worthy!4 retired gigolo stars for me!
Following Me - K.A. Linde This is one of K.A. Lind's lowest rated books. I think this happened because the book plays out a lot more like a Kubrick film and less like a typical romance novel. Having said that, I thought it was quite good.There are four lives that are all connected in this book. The main story is about Devon or "Dev". Devon comes from a family where country music is what they do. Her parents are legendary song writers. Devon has no interest in being a lyricist but she can not deny that she writes songs constantly to express her feelings. Devon is a college student who hops on a bus to Chicago and leaves everything behind in St. Louis. She is going to visit Hadley, her former room mate and Hadley's new boyfriend Garrett.Devon arrives in Chicago and discovers that Hadley is not who she was just six short months ago. Her life has taken a few major turns and Devon is worried. But Devon doesn't have it in her to be supportive. She is on the run and feels like someone is following her all of the time. She looks around every corner and becomes paranoid that someone is there.Brennan is the bartender at the local bar in Hadley's neighborhood. He is a bartender by day, college grad and singer by night. Brennan has carefully constructed walls around himself to keep everyone out. He has suffered a great deal and he is not interested in getting close to anyone.Reid is Devon's boyfriend. For some reason she has lied to him and told him that she was in Paris for the summer. She is not returning his texts, calls or e-mails. Devon tells Hadley that she and Reid are over. She hasn't told Reid that they are over though.Devon and Brennen start to get close and the closer he gets the more he sees. Devon is hiding something huge.She has extreme nightmares and wakes up in a cold sweat. Garrett begins offering his support to Devon. He can't help but hear Devon's screams in the night.Brennan lets Devon in despite trying desperately not to."There's that smile, that beautiful smile. I want to keep making you smile, but I can’t if you walk out of this place. We pulled each other out of the water once, Devon. I can’t bear to see you sink any deeper. Please, please stay with me. Just stay with me,” he pleaded.- BrennanDevon's secrets begin to unravel and her past finds her in the Windy City.But the way Devon deals with it is not what you would expect.Seriously Devon! Devon must choose to deal with her past and embrace her possible future, or return to the hell that awaits her.I really like K.A. Linde's writing style. I felt like this was just a different type of book for her. Perhaps those who didn't like it were simply looking for something else. This was more of a psychological thriller than romance. There is romance in it, but there was a lot more to it than that. I didn't like the mystery behind Devon's swift departure from St. Louis. I don't think it would have detracted from the book to bring out the "problem" earlier on. As it was written, you were left guessing and it became a little frustrating. At one point I wondered if she was simply mentally ill and the issues were delusions rather than reality.Overall I am giving this 3.5 rounding up to 4 stars. I think it could have been better if the author had focused more on Brennan and Devon and revealed more sooner. I liked this book and I wanted to love it. I got really mad at the end with how the main characters dealt with everything. Though it is a departure for this author's writing style it was still good. 4 Stars.
TAINT - S.L. Jennings Who wants to read this book? Yes please!!!
Ruin - Rachel Van Dyken This book ruined me for all other books. I normally like the more adult books with hot and steamy romance in them. This was an adult book but it was all about the romance and the emotional and mental relationship and not about the physical aspects. This book was perfection. It has earned a coveted spot on my all time favorites list.Kiersten is a college freshman. She has been through a lot in the last few years and it was a stretch to get her to go off on her own. She has to prove to herself that she can be happy again. She has to prove to everyone around her that she is going to make it. She has spent the last several years holed up in her room living in a sort of haze. Kiersten has a lot to be afraid of and her fears are controlling her life.Weston is the college quarterback. He is a senior and he is also out to prove something. He is out to prove to the world that he is strong. He has to be strong enough. He has to push through and the only way he can do that is by helping save a lost college freshman. He can's change the past, he can't change his future, but he is going to help make someones life brighter.Wes sets out to be Kiersten's life coach. He sees her darkness and her fears and he decides to make it his goal to help her conquer them. They create a list. A list of fears that Kiersten will overcome. We immediately feels drawn to Kiersten but he places her firmly in the "just friends" category. He takes away her nightmares and she makes his heart beat stronger.There is no denying the attraction and Wes decides to take the leap of faith. He is going to let Kiersten in. He plans to tell her everything. He only hopes that his own fears don't drag her down with him. He is living his life at full throttle. Together they set out to be stronger and to be better.“I’m going to make it so hard for you to forget this first kiss that you don’t want anyone else kissing you ever again. When the guy you fall in love with kisses you — it better put this kiss to shame — if it doesn’t, then he isn’t the right guy. Because I’m going to do a damn good job, and I want the guy that earns you, that takes that heart of yours and holds it in the palm of his hands… I want that guy to be able to make you feel things I’ll just be tapping into. Do you understand, Kiersten?” Time is not on their side. As Kiersten comes to understand what is truly happening with Wes, she has to make a choice. She can let it scare her away, or she can stand tall and fight.“So there’s never a reason to be afraid of running out of time — because we keep our own.” “Wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, alive or dead, young or old, my heart will always be with yours. Every beat you feel against your fingertips..." His fingers tapped against my chest, once, twice. "... is me calling out to you. It's you returning the call. It's us talking, communicating, bonding, sharing, Living -- Kiersten, it's us living.” Wes has finally found his reason to live, and it may be too late for them. He has to have faith and be strong and hope against all hope that he gets his happily ever after.“You may not see every single piece of the puzzle that creates your life -- you may not see every move the grand chess player makes -- but know, He is in complete control of the game board. Sometimes certain pieces are moved or knocked over to make room for new ones. Other times, things happen because of the world we live in. But everything in the end, will always turn out for good. It's a nice promise, isn't it? To know there's a reason for it all?” This was me....Me, ugly crying with my Kindle. This book crushed me! And it gave me hope. It is the most amazing story. I literally had goosebumps. It was that good.Well done Rachel Van Dyken!I have liked everything I have read from this author but this one really takes the cake. This book was told from both points of view. This is a quintessential new adult genre book. Both characters are coming into their own as young adults and exploring more adult issues. Wes and his family have been through so much it just broke my heart. He was so sweet and adorable with Kiersten. He was a little obsessed with her long red hair. She was a little in love with his eight pack abs. She has had to deal with more in her short life than anyone should. Through it all, together, they find love in the most unexpected place.I was so afraid to read the end....so afraid. I did not want the sad ending that I was afraid of. Without giving spoilers there is a happily ever after. It was amazing. I love, love, loved it. If I could give more than five stars...I would.
Wethering The Storm (The Storm, #2) - Samantha Towle This is the second book in a series. Book one was The Mighty Storm and was simply amazing. So if you haven't read it yet, you may want to skip this review and go read it first...trust me, you will love it.Here is the rundown of my thoughts and feelings while reading this book:First off, The chemistry between Tru and Jake picks up right where it left off. HOT!After the first 25-30% of the book, I got a little bored. (So why did I give this book five stars when I was feeling a little bored? Read the whole review before you decide for yourself.)Then BAM! Action overload. Oh shit!Then we get an epilogue that makes me LOVE this book.*************************So the actual story...Jake continues to be the rock god that he is. Jake and Tru have come to L.A. to start their life together. Jake takes Tru to his old bachelor pad that is to become their new home.“You don't complete me, Tru. You make me who I am. You make me better. I'd be nothing without you. NOTHING. I've been there once before, and I'm never going back. I'm never losing you again.”-JakeThere is considerable less action in the first half of the book. The couple gets simply "be" in love. Simple, uncomplicated love. Ok, so maybe it wasn't quite that uncomplicated. There will always be drama with this pair, but for them, it was quiet.Tru is missing her friends back in Manchester. She is very much in love with Jake and wants nothing more than to be with him.“There is no one else for me. I begin and end with you.”-JakeWhile on vacation enjoying each other, Tru finds out that Jake doesn't want kids. His father was a horrible example of a parent and he doesn't ever want to put a kid through that. Tru wants kids.Tru doesn't have time to think about the possibility that this could take away their future. Life begins throwing them some curve balls. And by curve balls, I mean huge freaking curve balls. Things happen fast and Jake is left reeling. His temptation to return to drugs is overwhelming. Jake struggles to handle the stress.I seriously did not see this coming. How did I not see this coming? It was heartbreaking and wonderful and tragic and made me cry like a baby. The end of this book pulled it off for me. I do not blame the author for me feeling a little bored for a small portion for the book. There are lots of people who will read the book and LOVE that part. It is the cementing of their relationship. The end of this book, the end was the best part in my opinion.“The girl who, twenty-four years ago to the day, stepped into my life with her big brown eyes, her hair in pigtails, sucking on a lollipop as she stared across at me through the garden fence and said, “I’m Trudy, you want a lollipop?” I let out a laugh as tears fill my eyes, realizing today’s date is August 31. The day Jake and I met.” Jake, he was an ass, he faced his demons, he was redeemed. God I love that man. He is such a tortured soul. Tru was the rock through this whole journey. I loved her.This is one of my favorite rock star series. It is hot and amazing and heartfelt and so much more. What. a. ride. We get to see a little bit of Jake's point of view in this one. *swoon*“Do you remember what I said that first night we moved into our new house? What you asked me to say as my vows? It still stands Tru, it will always stand. My love for you is limitless, it knows no bounds. You're in my veins. I bleed you. I belong to you...I always have and I always will. You will always be my June, Tru.” So, five stars it is. Great ending to a great and simply beautiful series. Love this author, loved this book!www.readinghaven.me
The Impact of You - Kendall Ryan This is a quick and somewhat predictable romance. Avery goes off to college to escape the drama that she left behind in high school. She is in college now and keeping a low profile. She is not a party girl. One night her friends talk her into going to a frat party. She finds herself catching the eye of notorious womanizer, Jase.Jase is hot as can be and can get any girl on campus. Something about Avery catches his eye and he finds himself wanting to help her fit in. She is vulnerable and he wants to get to the bottom of the mystery.Avery is keeping secrets. She doesn't want anyone in her new school to know about her past.Avery and Jase are in a Human Sexuality class together. *Ahem.* He decides to take the timid Avery and help her come out of her shell.When Jase finds out about Avery's past, he feels betrayed. He had no idea what she was hiding from him.Avery finds her past coming back to haunt her.Jase has to decide whether or not he can live with Avery's past. He may have to accept her for who she is to be with the green eyed girl he's falling for.So this is where I didn't totally love this book but only liked it. There is the typical double standard. The man whore can be a man whore and everyone just calls him "experienced". The girl has a few experiences and she is labeled a slut. Very frustrating. I wanted to like this book more but it wasn't great for me. This author is quite accomplished and other people liked this book so perhaps it is just me. The average rating on Goodreads is 3.8.Overall a good read, not stellar but not tragic. 3 stars.
Torch (Take It Off, #1) - Cambria Hebert Katie is a young woman who has had to take care of herself. She has learned the hard way that you can depend on no-one. Katie is making ends meet doing what she loves, being a librarian. She has a modest home with a pool and she is happy.Holt is on the local fire department. He is called out to a house fire and finds a young woman bound and unconscious in the middle of a raging inferno. He does what he has to do to save her.Katie is hospitalized for her burns and smoke inhalation. She is lucky to be alive. Holt comes to visit her in the hospital and soon discovers that she is on her own. When she is released, she still needs care and Holt steps up and offers his assistance. He finds himself wanting to protect this young woman who he pulled from the fire.The attraction is almost immediate. Holt is a knight in shining armor and Katie is a damsel in distress.Before long they find themselves unable to deny the attraction. They quickly discover that the threat to Katie's life is not over. Holt is now in deep and he will do anything to stop the person set on hurting Katie.Katie has no enemies that she knows of. She is a quiet small town librarian. Her life is boring. When Holt offers to help her she wants to refuse. She knows better than to rely on anyone for help. But she has no where else to go. And she has a hard time resisting Holt's magnetic personality and his amazing good looks.In the end, Katie doesn't know if Holt can save her. He wants to rescue more than just her life, he wants her heart too.So if you love a sweet love story about a charismatic and hot fireman who rescues the sweet and perky young woman, this is for you. I really liked this sweet love story.Loved the romance, predictable but good drama, HOT chemistry and great writing. Overall, I would say a high three stars rounding up to four. I mean come on, it has a hot fireman in it!


Breach - K.I. Lynn Delilah is a broken woman. She is single and will remain so. She has tried relationships in the past but comes off as "frigid'. Lila doesn't do "love". She doesn't know how. So instead she works away in a law office keeping her head down and working hard to get by each day. Lila has a routine and she likes it. She shares a small office with another attorney and they work on the behind the scenes work that goes into litigation. The other attorney left two months ago and has just been replaced.Nathan has recently accepted a position well beneath him. He has no choice but to hide out in a dead end job. He is smart and attractive. He immediately garners the attention of every single female in the office. Nathan doesn't want them though. He just wants to do his work and go home.Nathan and Lila are quickly at odds with one another. She is annoyed by his never ending train of women and he is frustrated by her attitude. Lila and Nathan are forced to work long hours in a cramped office. The company they work for has a strict no fraternization policy that has been strictly followed in the past. One night innocent talking turns to flirtation.Lightning fast, Nathan is on Lila and he is not happy about it. He wants to resist her and it pisses him off that he can't.“You have been a very naughty girl today.” His hand wrapped around the fabric, slipping it from around his neck. Naughty girls get punished. Hard. I don’t think I can wait any longer to punish you…”- NathanNathan begins his sexual banter and his crude talk. Lila loves being owned by Nathan when they come together. He is all consuming and almost violent in his sexual prowess and she can't get enough.Nathan is brutal and domineering. He doesn't let Lila in though. She has to slowly learn about the enigma that is Nathan. He comes to her completely broken on the inside and he soon learns that she is just as damaged as he is. Together they find solace and they are able to hide from thier pain even if only for a moment.“You’re not going anywhere. You’re going to watch me f*ck you while you figure out why either of us matter. Why we feel like this when we’re together. Suck it up and watch me take what’s mine.”- NathanWhen Nathan's past comes to light, Lila realizes that he may be beyond repair. He may break her before she can fix him. When she finally breaks, there may be nothing that can put her back together again. Lila has to decide if she is willing to take the chance and go all in for this feeling she can only imagine is love.This book was tragic. I wanted to cry for both Nathan and Lila. They both have suffered horrendous pain in their pasts and somehow managed to survive. This book is not for everyone. The way Nathan talks to Lila is very possessive and borders on abusive at times. I think he wants to abuse her for wanting him. He is so angry at her for not turning away and at himself for being unable to resist. Nathan has a closet FULL of skeletons. Lila has a history full of heartache.If you enjoy a tormented alpha male who has a lot of baggage, then you will like this. The dirty talk is really dirty. The sex is off the charts HOT and the chemistry is swoon worthy. I really liked Nathan and Lila together.There is a big cliffhanger but you get a chapter of the next book at the end so you aren't left hanging too much. I really loved this book. It was beautifully written and kept me hooked. 5 Tormented Stars.
Mid Life Love - Whitney G. Mid Life Love is about a woman in her early forties. Claire has discovered that the love of her life, her husband cheated on her with her best friend. She decides to start life over on the opposite coast. She heads west to be closer to her mother and she takes a job well under her expected pay range working for a tech company in advertising.Jonathan is a man in his prime. He is the founder of a major technology company and he is an incredibly wealthy CEO. Jonathan has not had the best start in life but he is doing well for himself and could get any woman he wanted.So when Jonathan sets his sights on Claire, she has no idea why. She sees herself as past her prime and beyond the interest of the likes of Jonathan. He begins pursuing her but she is not having it. She reminds him repeatedly why she is not the right woman for him.Claire is extremely insecure and even though she is beautiful and intelligent.Jonathan is the most attentive "non-boyfriend" I have ever seen. Claire decides early on that they are not in a relationship, nor will they be. To ease her fears of others discovering them together, he goes to extreme lengths.There are many swoon worthy moments where he is the absolute best guy on the planet. He is everything she could ever want. But she won't let herself have him.Despite all of this, Claire continues to push him away. She is not able to see herself as deserving. She knows that it will eventually end anyway, so she wants to save herself the heartache.She just can't get past the betrayal of her ex-husband and her best friend.Jonathan's mother enters the picture at a time when they are just starting to get closer. She is a chronic drug user and this is her thirteenth drug rehab graduation. Jonathan tries to pursue her. He does everything to make her realize that she is beautiful, intelligent and worthy of his love. He can't stop his feelings from growing no matter how hard he tries.Some things just can not be undone. Claire goes too far, and Jonathan may not be able to forgive her.Things I loved about this book: 1) Jonathan was perfect. Absolutely perfect. 2) The idea that love has no age limits. 3) Both people were strong and intelligent. 4) Amazing writing. 5) HOT sex. 6) Great dialogue.What I didn't like: 1)Claire and her wishy washy "I am not good enough" attitude. I wanted to seriously smack her upside the head. I get why she was that way, but it was still really annoying at times. 2) And Jonathan puts up with WAY more than any man should from her.That said, I really loved this book. It pulled me in and kept me reading late into the night. I would give this one a four star rating. It was very sweet at times and also very entertaining. There is a lot of drama so if you like the drama, this one is for you. We do get our happily ever after in the end. I will definitely look for more from this author.
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Reckless (Thoughtless, #3) - S.C. Stephens First off, if you haven't read Thoughtless or Effortless yet, don't read this review. This series builds on itself and reading this review will spoil the series. And if you haven't yet read this series...you really should. Thoughtless is my ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK EVER! S.C. Stephens is a romance writing genius. This series is about a love triangle, a rocker starting out, and lots of angst. There is heartbreak, redemption, romance and true love. All of my favorite things.On to my thoughts about Reckless.This book was the perfect ending to the most amazing series ever. I absolutely LOVE Kellan Kyle. Kellan's childhood left feeling undeserving of love.He fell hard for Kiera when he saw what love could be. They fell fast an hard in Thoughtless at the expense of her boyfriend Denny. In Effortless, Kellan's band the D-Bags were taking off and he went off on the road. They managed to survive and now they are dealing with his rise to fame. Kiera has recently graduated from college and she is going on the road with the guys. Her sister, Anna is pregnant with the goofy bassist, Griffin's child.Kellan and Kiera have been through hell and back. They have found that they are stronger together than they are apart.“He would always want me near him. I would always be first in his eyes. We were a good match. A perfect match. Soul mates."- KieraKellan is given an amazing opportunity to record a single with a super hot starlet who has been in the business for most of her life. Sierra Sexton. She knows how to play the Hollywood game and use the paparazzi and media in her favor. She is a master manipulator.Kellan is not interested in the "game", he just wants to make good music. He doesn't want the fame, he just wants people to hear him sing. He and Kiera hop on the crazy train that is Show business.They head off to L.A. to record and start touring. Kiera and Kellan are forced to hide their relationship to protect Kiera from the public eye.As the band gets bigger and bigger, their smash hit with Sierra Seton hits the airwaves at the same time that the tabloids start covering a rumor about Kellan.Kellan and Kiera have to steal private moments together on the bus or in a hotel away from the prying eyes of the press. It takes a toll on their relationship. Kellan is forced to make some extremely difficult decisions that could end the D-Bags career just as it is taking off.They have left Seattle and home behind but the memories of their start will be with them forever. Kiera begins writing an autobiographical memoir that she plans to publish. AS she writes, she realizes how much she hurt the ones she loves the most.Kellan is the all time hottest and sweetest boyfriend on the planet. He is absolutely sexy as hell. He writes little notes to Keira to remind her even in the most trying of times, that she is his other half and that they belong together.“ You'll never know how incredible you are to me, how desperately I love you. I would do it all over again if I needed to. I'd go back to the beginning for you”- KellanThe prying eyes of the fans, the paparazzi and the press threaten to drive a wedge between this power couple. There were several O.M.G. moments and some serious nail biting moments and some "I wanna bitch slap someone" moments.This book was full of amazingly wonderful love and the trials of finding balance in life. I adored the first two in the series and this one was just as good. The ending, ahhh, the ending. I love you S.C. Stephens. The ending was P.E.R.F.E.C.T!!! Loved it!So if you haven's jumped on the D-Bags bus yet, get with it and hop on! There is a reason these books have such high ratings! They are simply amazing.“Kiera Michelle Allen, my life was empty before you stepped into it. I thought I had everything I needed, but only because I didn’t let myself want anything. And then I saw you, and you burned a hole straight through me. I have never wanted anything more in my life. And I have never been more terrified in all my life. In all my life,” he repeated.…”And then, beyond some miracle that I’ll never understand, I got to keep you, and now…I’m only just beginning to understand what it means to truly want something. Because I want so much now. I want to make you happy. I want to give you the world. I want you to be proud of me. I want to comfort you. I want you to comfort me. I want to hold you when you’re scared. I want you to hold me when I’m scared. I want to make you laugh. I want to make you blush.” Leaning in, he whispered, “I want to make you scream.”…”I want to give you a home. I want to fill it with children. I want to take care of you. I want to grow old with you. I want you by my side, every day.” … “I just want you. Do you want me too?”- KellanSo go forth and read my friends. This is a romance for the record books. If I could give six stars I would.
Freeing Asia (Breaking Free, #1) - E.M. Abel I had two recommendations from my reading friends for this book. So naturally, I had to check it out. This is a really well written book about a tough girl who sees herself as "one of the guys". She has spent her young adult life regretting the one who got away, the one who broker her heart and took her innocence. Now, she's all grown up and she is ready to move on.Asia grew up in the shadow of her brothers who protected her from everything and everyone. But Asia is no delicate flower. Living with all men for years, she learned to take care of herself. She is quick with a right hook, surfs with the guys and can skateboard. She also has a killer imagination and is an amazing artist. What she is not, is feminine. She dresses like a tomboy and one day she decides to reinvent herself and get on with her life.On her debut as a hot seductress, Asia runs into Jay. He is a hot guy who is just at home in a business suit as he is in a swimming suit hitting the surf. Asia is finally ready to let her heart go and move on from the past. She has decided to give Jay a chance. But does Jay know the real Asia and is he falling for her or the new reinvented version of herself?Marcus is the one who got away. He was best friends with Asia's brother. Having lost his family, her family became like a surrogate family for him. So, when Asia started having feelings for him in high school, she didn't tell anyone.Now that Asia has Jay in her life, Marcus is back. He immediately takes notice of the beautiful woman who he hurt so many years ago. But he is a guy who doesn't do relationships. He has had a lot of women in his past, but nothing serious. Marcus is a skateboarder who went pro and has traveled the world participating in tournaments. He is now "retired" and is opening a new shop, right down the road from Asia.Asia has just started to open up to Jay and she has no idea what to do with her feelings.Asia's nickname..."Puffy". Because when she gets high, she makes a puffy face with her cheeks. She and her brothers have always been free spirited. Can Jay accept her for who she is?One very high night, Asia meets up with Marcus and she finds herself feeling things she promised herself she wouldn't.Can you ever forget your first love? Can you move on and be someone "new"?Or, will no one else ever truly compare?Even if he could never be what you need. Can he be enough?And what cost you are willing to pay?This was a very interesting book. I really liked Asia and she was a unique and refreshing change. I adored her bad girl attitude and her spunk. Asia didn't take any shit from anybody. She also had no idea how beautiful and desirable she was . I liked both men for differing reasons. There were heavy moments in this book but there were also many lighthearted spots. It was very well written, great dialogue, genuine and believable characters. 4 stars!

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