Kiss of Midnight (The Midnight Breed, Book 1)

Kiss of Midnight - Lara Adrian Short and sweet review! Great start to what I know is a great series. This book started off a bit slow for me. I'm not sure how to avoid that. There was a lot of world building and introduction of characters. This series has a large group of Breed, or vampires, and humans. Having said that, the story was good. The plot like was great. I was interested and really liked Lucan and Gabrielle. Lucan, who is the head of a small group of Breed warriors known as The Order, is the main male character. He is the oldest and therefor has the most power of the group. He is also the most susceptible to blood-lust and turning rogue. The Order finds and kills Rogue vampires. Lucan walks a fine line in this book and discovers that his control may be slipping. Gabrielle is an enigmatic artist who was raised in the foster care system until she was adopted (around twelve years old). Gabrielle is a photographer and she finds herself drawn to remote locations to shoot. Lucan discovers Gabrielle and is drawn to her. He finds himself wanting things he has no business wanting. He knows he shouldn't even think about Gabrielle but he finds he can't run from her either. They find themselves deep in a plot to start a war between the Rogue's and the Breed. The question is whether or not Lucan can overcome the call of blood-lust and if he does, could Gabrielle give him what he needs?This series is heavy on the romance and steamy sex scenes. The story line is strong and the romance and actual meat of the story seem to balance well. I love the way Lara Adrian writes and I am reading this series out of order so I know that they do nothing but get better. 4 stars for a great start!