Breach - K.I. Lynn Delilah is a broken woman. She is single and will remain so. She has tried relationships in the past but comes off as "frigid'. Lila doesn't do "love". She doesn't know how. So instead she works away in a law office keeping her head down and working hard to get by each day. Lila has a routine and she likes it. She shares a small office with another attorney and they work on the behind the scenes work that goes into litigation. The other attorney left two months ago and has just been replaced.Nathan has recently accepted a position well beneath him. He has no choice but to hide out in a dead end job. He is smart and attractive. He immediately garners the attention of every single female in the office. Nathan doesn't want them though. He just wants to do his work and go home.Nathan and Lila are quickly at odds with one another. She is annoyed by his never ending train of women and he is frustrated by her attitude. Lila and Nathan are forced to work long hours in a cramped office. The company they work for has a strict no fraternization policy that has been strictly followed in the past. One night innocent talking turns to flirtation.Lightning fast, Nathan is on Lila and he is not happy about it. He wants to resist her and it pisses him off that he can't.“You have been a very naughty girl today.” His hand wrapped around the fabric, slipping it from around his neck. Naughty girls get punished. Hard. I don’t think I can wait any longer to punish you…”- NathanNathan begins his sexual banter and his crude talk. Lila loves being owned by Nathan when they come together. He is all consuming and almost violent in his sexual prowess and she can't get enough.Nathan is brutal and domineering. He doesn't let Lila in though. She has to slowly learn about the enigma that is Nathan. He comes to her completely broken on the inside and he soon learns that she is just as damaged as he is. Together they find solace and they are able to hide from thier pain even if only for a moment.“You’re not going anywhere. You’re going to watch me f*ck you while you figure out why either of us matter. Why we feel like this when we’re together. Suck it up and watch me take what’s mine.”- NathanWhen Nathan's past comes to light, Lila realizes that he may be beyond repair. He may break her before she can fix him. When she finally breaks, there may be nothing that can put her back together again. Lila has to decide if she is willing to take the chance and go all in for this feeling she can only imagine is love.This book was tragic. I wanted to cry for both Nathan and Lila. They both have suffered horrendous pain in their pasts and somehow managed to survive. This book is not for everyone. The way Nathan talks to Lila is very possessive and borders on abusive at times. I think he wants to abuse her for wanting him. He is so angry at her for not turning away and at himself for being unable to resist. Nathan has a closet FULL of skeletons. Lila has a history full of heartache.If you enjoy a tormented alpha male who has a lot of baggage, then you will like this. The dirty talk is really dirty. The sex is off the charts HOT and the chemistry is swoon worthy. I really liked Nathan and Lila together.There is a big cliffhanger but you get a chapter of the next book at the end so you aren't left hanging too much. I really loved this book. It was beautifully written and kept me hooked. 5 Tormented Stars.