This Man (This Man, #1)

This Man (This Man, #1) - Jodi Ellen Malpas So first off, this book ended on a bit of a cliffhanger which annoys me. I think I know where some of the next book will go... but aside from that, I have to say I really enjoyed This Man. One reason is that the lead male, Jesse, reminds me of my heart throb.... *swoon* Eva, the main character, is a twenty-something designer who is successful in her own right. She is just coming off a failed long term relationship and is worried about falling into another relationship too quickly. She is an intelligent woman but makes some very unintelligent choices throughout the book. This all lends to the drama that makes this book so good. Jesse was off the charts hot, rich and charismatic. The sexual tension between the two was sizzling. There were many times when Jesse was a little bit of a creeper. When he got like that I just wanted Eva to walk, no run, the other way! They fought, they broke up, they kissed, they made up, rinse repeat...Jesse was so aloof and so controlling! I wanted to hate him, I really did! He could be such an incredible ass! But the sex was smoking hot and when he was sweet, he was really sweet. (sounds like an abusive relationship right?) We didn't learn much about his past but what we did learn...whoa! Oh, and did I mention it is set in London! British accents and slang! Love that!Overall, this was a very good book. If you are looking for a steamy erotic romance this book is a good one.