Seduction of a Highland Lass (McCabe Trilogy #2)

Seduction of a Highland Lass (McCabe Trilogy #2) - I am plowing through this trilogy by Maya Banks and loving every minute of it. I thought the last book was the best...I was wrong, this one is. Can I give more than five stars? I loved this. While each of this books could potentially stand alone, I would highly recommend that you read them in order. There is a lot of back-story to the political intrigue that goes on. You would be slightly lost if you weren't up to speed.Keeley McDonald has been exiled from her clan, the McDonald's. Now, she is just Keeley. She lives in a small cottage on the outskirts of the clan land and takes care of herself. She is a healer and manages to eek out an existence helping others around her.Alaric is the second eldest in the McCabe clan. As such, he is duty bound to help build an alliance with the McDonald clan. Alaric sets off to meet his bride to be, Rionna. On the journey there, he is ambushed. The entire group he is with is slaughtered. Alaric barely escapes with his life and he is seriously wounded. His horse takes him to the cottage where Keeley resides. He falls at her feet and she literally has to drag him into her home.Once inside, she patches him up and he becomes delirious with fever. He begins calling her his angel. Alaric can not be consoled unless Keeley is by his side. They spend two days huddled together. She seeking to save and heal him, and Alaric seeking comfort for his pain.The eldest McCabe, Ewan and his younger brother, Caelen, show up looking for Alaric. They find what they seek and Keeley is unceremoniously hoisted onto a horse and spirited away without her consent. They are taking her to care for Alaric since their healer has died and Ewan needs a healer to both save Alaric and to deliver his child in the coming months. Keeley heals Alaric and they find that they are drawn to one another. Alaric can hardly stand to be away from his angel. Keeley knows that they can never be. She knows Alaric is destined to may another, but why can't she be with him if only for just one night?One night is not enough, forever might not be enough. They are both falling hard and fast.Keeley proves her loyalty time and again to the McCabe clan. She is truly one of them now. As a member of the clan, she knows how important the alliance between the McCabe and McDonald clans is. It breaks her heart, but she knows Alaric must marry another. They vow to be together until he must wed another.The wedding comes quickly as the alliance must be sealed. Keeley may find herself making the ultimate sacrifice for the clan she has grown to love above all else.Difficult choices must be made. Alliances are still even more necessary than ever before. This is where this story ripped my heart out! I was on pins and needles.Maya are my hero! This book was intense, it was raw and emotional. It was everything I love in a good romance. I adored Keeley in all of her stubbornness. She set her sights on making something happen and nothing was going to stand in her way, not even a burly Scot. Initially, she longed to be left alone in her remote cottage, but soon found something she had always been missing. Acceptance and Loyalty.I would HIGHLY recommend this series to anyone who is a fan of Historical Romance. There was action, adventure, steamy love scenes, political intrigue, and a sweet and happy ending. LOVED IT!!!