Star Crossed - Kele Moon Romeo and Juliet. Not exactly the same star crossed lovers from Shakespeare but they are definitely meant to be. Romeo was introduced briefly in the first Battered Hearts book where he meets Clay and Melodie. This book picks up right where book one left off. Juliet asks Romeo to dinner to thank him for rescuing Melodie. Juliet is immediately drawn in to his good looks and charm. Sparks fly right from the beginning. Romeo has a past he is trying to hide. Juliet knows he is a bad boy and that she shouldn't want him. But one kiss from this hot Italian fighter and she knows she's in trouble.Romeo's family history is dark. As his tale unfolds, Juliet finds herself in the middle of something much bigger than she imagined. This book was 5 steamy blazing hot stars. Kele Moon knows how to write a love scene that will curl your toes. Amazing book. Just the right amount of action and intrigue to keep you glued to the book. Juliete's snarky banter is wonderful. I can not wait to see how the next book comes together. I am hoping we get to see Wyatt and his lost love.