Entice (Exquisite, #2)

Entice (Exquisite, #2) - Ella Frank Entice is the much anticipated follow up to Ella Frank's Exquisite. I am a big fan of Ella's writing style and this book was no exception. Josh is a friend of Mason's. He owns a construction company and oozes bad boy, rough and dirty sex appeal. Dr. Shelly Monroe, is a woman who knows what she wants, or at least she thought she did. Shelly is best friends with Lena, from book one. Shelly comes from a family that has placed high expectations on her. She felt that she had to become a doctor and that she had to behave a certain way and meet the "perfect man". Shelly starts to question if the man who would fit perfectly into her life is a man she would ever truly want. Shelly meets Josh and immediately gives a big HELL NO! He is everything she desires but not what she thinks she needs. The chemistry is hot right from the start. Shelly decides to take a chance and agrees to sex with no attachment. Josh struggles with this but agrees. The minute things get tough...Shelly gets scared. Both Josh and Shelly come with a LOT of baggage from their pasts. Shelly doesn't believe that men can be faithful. Josh wants Shelly but is not willing to put up with her running when things get tough. He forces her hand and not he has to wait and see if she has figured out that they are amazing together and could be forever...I give this book a sold 4.5 stars. It didn't have a lot of tension but I loved the fact that Josh and Shelly were both strong characters. The writing was solid, the sexual chemistry was amazing and the story flowed well.