The Seduction Hypothesis

The Seduction Hypothesis - Delphine Dryden I hate to give a book two stars but this one just did not do it for me. The sex was hot...but sex alone does not make a good book... unfortunately. So the gist of this book, we have two nerdy exes who are going to what amounts to a comic convention. They happen to have friends in common so they have to ride together in an RV for sixteen hours. Lyndsey and Ben broke up when Ben decided that he wasn't ready for a more serious relationship in his life. Lyndsey always felt like something was missing. She discovered a new world in one of her comics about BDSM. She approached Ben about it and he quickly shut her down. Now on a road trip with Lyndsey Ben is realizing just what he threw away. Lyndsey is new to the lifestyle and finds a few friends to help her along the way. Ben does the same, because he is not letting Lyndsey go without a fight. Ben realizes that to get Lyndsey he must become a Dominant to her submissive...Throw in bit of this...And a bit of that...and you have The Seduction Hypothesis. So my question is, can someone just "decide" to become a Dom? Even with some small tendencies, is that enough to build a D/s relationship? I don't think so. There were also a few other problems with this book. It was a bit confusing at first. I am not an unintelligent person but there were a few large words that my dictionary didn't even know. Really necessary? No. Things also skipped forward a bit fast. The back-story was dispersed throughout and it became a bit confusing. Overall, not my favorite. 2 Shiny little stars.