No One's Angel - Kelly  Walker Kelly Walker is a Young Adult and New Adult writer. This book falls more in the New Adult category. This is the story of a young couple who met online in a gaming chat room. They were on the same team and developed a friendship over the course of time. "Angel" and "Arion" never met in real life, but they began to develop real feelings for one another. All of that stopped one day when "Angel", Tess, simply disappeared from the game."Arion", Axel, is a young man who knows what it is like to loose someone close to you. When Angel disappears, he is devastated. He has no idea why she left or what happened to her.Angel is on the run. She is hiding from the man who she thought she could trust. She thought he was special and he turned out to be something else. Angel has lost herself in her relationship with him. She has no idea who she is or how to stand on her own two feet. She takes off across the country with no money and lands on Arion's doorstep with three dollars in her pocket and no place to go and no one else to turn to.Arion is happy to see her but e has no idea what she has been through or where she has been for the last year. Her secrets are safe for now. She has no choice but to give Arion her trust, even when trust is that hardest thing for her to give. Arion is determined to find out why she left and to never let her leave again.Angel is determined that she will make it on her own. She needs space and she needs to find herself again. Arion struggles to give her space when he is so afraid she will run again.Angel and Arion have undeniable chemistry."If I want to get you wet, Angel, it won't take a ploy. Just maybe a dash or two of patience."- ArionShe finds it more and more difficult to take things slowly."Arion - take me to bed, or take me right here, but please baby, don't make me wait."- AngelWhen Arion discovers why Angel is on the run, it threatens to tear them apart at the seams. He wants to help her and she is scared.Arion thinks Angel is going to run. Her past comes back and there is no place left for her to run to. Things get pretty intense.I will say that we do get a HEA, but it is pretty intense there for a while."I want to give you everything, but I will start with my heart."- ArionThis was a pretty adorable and unique take on a romance novel. I liked the feel of it. The fact that they met online through a game and knew each other so well before they ever met lends credibility to the whole story. Arion has genuine feelings for Angel even before he lays eyes on her. Even though she can't understand it, she can't deny that he cares about her. They find out that the friendship and the flirting that they did on-line ignites when they are together. Arion is so much better looking than Angel anticipated and Arion is immediately attracted to Angel.There is quite a bit of suspense in this for a NA book. The last 25% of the book was pretty intense. I loved the secondary characters and the somewhat geeky and loveable main characters. We get a dual point of view so we know what is going on in both of their heads, which I really enjoyed. Arion is an absolute gem. I loved him and his adorable possessive streak. He was so sweet and he wanted to go all caveman and save his girl. *swoon* Angel learned to stand up for herself and in the end she starts to find herself. In the meantime, Arion has learned to be patient. He is willing to wait.4 Adorably Romantic Stars