Mine to Keep (Mine, #2) - Cynthia Eden Mine to Keep is book two in the Mine series. Book one introduces Sky and Trace and gives up some background information about them. In book one Sky believes she is being followed, but no one believes her. She is forced to look for help in a man she left long ago.When Skye walks back into Trace's world, he's not about to let her go again. Trace agrees to help her and they fall back onto their old relationship quickly. They must find her stalker and he must answer to her why he left her ten long years ago.Mine to Keep picks up right where book one left off. This edition takes us even deeper into Trace's past and his time in the military. Trace prefers to keep his past buried, but when Skye is threatened all bets are off. Skye is opening a ballet studio and she is going to rebuild her career in dance. She may not be in the spotlight but she is doing what she loves. Skye finds the perfect studio and with Trace's help they get it ready for her students. Sky still bears the scars from her tragic car accident that ended her career. She is still suffering nightmares from her trauma (in book one). Trace vows to keep her safe always. The sexual chemistry between Sky and Trace is palpable. When they come together, Trace becomes almost feral in his intensity. He is afraid of hurting Skye, but she likes his wild side. She is not as fragile as he believes her to be. Trace frequently reminds her who she belongs to during their rough sessions. "Mine..."-Trace "I've never been afraid of the darkness that you carried. Because inside, I've got that same darkness. I think...I think I just hid it better then you." -SkyeAs Trace and Skye's pasts both come back to haunt them, things get a little dark and scary. There is a killer on the loose and the police are struggling to wrap the case up. Things get a little intense when possible betrayal is in the mix. Trace must figure out who is tormenting Skye and hope that he figures it out in time. There are lots of possibilities but the calling cards lead to someone long since buried. In this game, they can trust no one. At times they aren't even sure if they can trust each other. This book had me freaking out! Cynthia Eden is a master mind when it comes to romantic suspense. She has the Midas touch. I had never read the genre before picking up one of her books and I am hooked. She brings scorching chemistry to life and weaves a tale of mystery and suspense that sucks you in and makes you want to scream. There are LOTS of twists and turns in this book. I re-read book one to help remember what happened. While it isn't necessary it would be really helpful to know their history. We meet some new characters in this book and I am loving them. I can not wait to read about Noah!!!!! This was a five star read for me. It was solid and well crafted. I like my books nice and steamy and this one fit the bill. Trace is just the right balance of Alpha male and swoon worthy romantic. He has his issues, but I still loved him. Skye is also working through her issues and she is struggling to find her identity. She discovers a few unsavory things that Trace has been hiding and she discovers just how far she would go to protect those she loves."I've been yours since I was fifteen." The truth was there between them. They had no room for pretense. "I just had to wait for us to be together again."- SkyeIf you are a fan of romantic suspense, then you have to read this. Well done Cynthia Eden! **This book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.**