Mine to Take - Cynthia Eden This was a super-fast-paced-novella. I see some readers complaining about the lack of chemistry and the forced dialogue. Well, I think she did really well for the measly 150 pages of text. We got a super hot alpha man and a broken ballerina who have history. We get mystery. We get suspense. And best of all, amazingly hot sex. This couple had a past which makes jumping in much more realistic. I really enjoyed it!Skye Sullivan is a dancer. She has followed her dream and is dancing in New York City. Sky has recently discovered that someone is stalking her. She finds things out of place in her home and feels like someone is following her. One night on the way home from a performance, Skye has a brutal accident that ends her career and sends her back home to Chicago. But her stalker is upping the ante and Skye finds herself turning to the man who let her go ten long years ago. Trace is a private detective and he owns his own company. He has made it his life's goal to become successful. All he wants is to be able to take care of himself and the ones he loves. Trace let Skye go ten years ago and he is not about to make that same mistake again...The chemistry between Sky and Trace is HOT!This author takes us on an epic ride of whodunit. Skye is not sure who to trust because anyone could be her stalker. Trace finds himself doubting and second guessing himself. In the end, Skye must choose who to trust and hope that she is right. I read this in one sitting. I had absolutely had no idea what was going to happen next. For a quick read...this was a good one! 4 Stars