Beneath the Burn - Pam Godwin My dear Goodreads friend Pam Godwin wrote this wonderful book. Being the bad friend that I am, I took forever getting to it. Now I am asking myself why? This book was epic. It felt like I got two or three books for one. So here goes on my long overdue review...Charlee is on the run. She was held captive for years by a ruthless business man whose power knows virtually no bounds. Roy Oxford is successful, rich and a psychopath. He deals in many legal and illegal things. He has one obsession: Charlee. So she moves from city to city, changing her looks and her identity. She has been in St. Louis for a year and she has her own Tattoo shop.Jay is a guitarist and lyricist for a band. The Burn. Jay has too many demons in his head. He numbs his pain with whatever drug his roadies can get for him. He buries himself in groupies to ease the pain. When he is singing, he can escape. When the music ends he finds himself in hell.Jay's past torments him so much that he fears the touch of others. One fateful night he wanders in to a closing tattoo parlor and begs a beautiful blonde with amazingly clear blue eyes to give him a tat. He is running from his past and trying to cover his pain. Charlee agrees to ink him but does something unexpected. Jay leaves the fateful meeting and he is forever changed.He's going to be stronger. He is going to face his demons.With Charlee he can breathe, even if only for a moment. He has to be with her, however he can. When he realizes the danger she is in, he would do anything to save her.“You have the heart one expects to see at the center of a fire, bending and twisting like steel, but never breaking. If something happens to mine, yours would be stubborn enough to beat for both of us.” "He melted against her back, buried his nose in her hair, and tumbled just a little bit more in love with her. Fuck that. He plunged."Then things go terribly wrong. Sadistic Roy can not live without Charlee. If he can't have her then no one will. He will hunt her to the ends of the earth and use every resource at his disposal to find her. Even with all of the help she has, Charlee can only run so far before she is back in his clutches. And when she is...she will pay dearly.This book is INTENSE! I loved Charlee. She was so beaten down but never broken. She was still so vibrant and wise beyond her years. Jay found his salvation in Charlee and his love for her felt so real. I adored them together. They fell fast and hard but they were soul mates. Two halves of a whole. They had that once in a lifetime love that some people never find. She was his muse and he was her salvation.There were so many elements to this book. There were ex-marine security guards. There was a political thriller, a captive sex slave, a love story, a rock band, the quirky sidekicks (Laz ;-) and lets not forget the groupies who add some drama to the mix. I was on the edge of my seat cringing, crying or hyped up on adrenaline. There were more twists and turns than my grandma's perm...and I loved it!5 Stars! Great job Pam!