Taking Chances (Taking Chances, #1) - Molly McAdams What do I think? I think this book seriously pissed me off. I'd like an alternate ending please. :-)I am going to do something slightly different here. This book is very hard to review without giving away what happens. This is one of those books that you read and it seriously messes with your head. I started this book about nine months ago and put it down based on the review of others. I accidentally picked it up again and totally forgot that I didn't want to read it. The only reason I kept reading is that I got sucked in. Literally sucked in. So here is my hopefully spoiler free review in mostly pictures.What the hell did I just read!! I do not understand how the author thought this would be ok!Harper is eighteen and she is going off to college. She has lived a seriously sheltered life. So she gets to school and meets her new roommate and new bestie. They shop, they party, they get piercings and tattoos.Then BAM! Harper meets Chase and he flirts mercilessly. Then in comes Brandon and BAM! He flirts mercilessly. They both start arguing over her. She has never dated, never kissed, never, well you get the idea.Harper is determined to live her life!They communicate, they fail to communicate, feelings fly everywhere.Love! First love! But wait. Who is she in love with?Things move so fast!Harper...For some reason, even with her incessant moodiness, her annoying behavior and her being with someone else...Chase can't help what he feels.Then Harper goes a little off her rocker.Then I am really freaking annoyed with Harper.Just when I think FINALLY! The unthinkable happens.... and I will NEVER forgive this author.Make it go away!!! Redo. I demand a redo!SO then I realize that this is not a dream....Molly McAdams....WHY, WHY, WHY.Ok, so stop reading now if you don't want any minor spoilers....Problems I had with this book:1) Harper was home schooled, by her father, who only speaks to her once or twice a week....how does that work. Homeschooling is work, hard work. This just does not fit.2) Chase is dismissed be her as a womanizer because he doesn't do relationships....Hello? People change and he is a good guy.3) Somehow Brandon the hothead fighter is so much better than Chase because he has a had a few relationships? What?5,6,7,8,9,and 10 would give away the story too much. I will not read book 2. What is the point. If you already read this one you will understand. Ugg, I was so mad at this book I threw my Kindle. If you know me, you know my Kindle is So this is a five star read for the emotional ripping out of my heart. 2 stars for the story line and characters. SO, I am giving it an overall 3 stars. It definitely made me feel something.