Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn Avery has moved to a new town across the country. She is going to college where no one knows her. She is trying to escape her past and the ridicule that she had to face every day in high school.Cam is an amazing guy. He is smart, witty and sexy as hell. Cam wasn't really looking for a relationship. Avery literally runs into Cam and they just keep running into each other.Avery has a lot of darkness in her past. She has been through a horror that no one should have to face. She is trying to move forward but she hasn't dealt with her past. Until she does it is just going to keep coming up.Cam knows that Avery is hiding something big. Everyone can see it. She refuses to talk about it. Despite this, they continue to get closer. Avery wants to love Cam. She wants to just forget everything and move on but she can't. She gets texts and harassing phone calls. They are never ending. Eventually she just starts ignoring them, but she is always on edge.Cam wants to get close, but Avery is afraid to let him in. Afraid to share her secrets. Once he finds out, he may never look at her the same again.Avery's dark past filters though into the present and she can no longer pretend that everything is ok.She finds herself unable to keep pushing Cam away. Slowly things heat up and Avery finds herself wanting more.He discovers some of what she is hiding and he doesn't run. Avery is ashamed. She can't get past her own feelings long enough to let him in. She is still so afraid to spill the entire truth. In her eyes, it could destroy them. Cam tries to reassure her and tells her that he will never stop wanting her.Avery has to face her past once and for all. She has to conquer her fears or drown in them. She has to go back to where it all started and lay her cards on the table. Avery may loose more than she ever bargained for. In the end she may be all alone.I really wanted to beat Avery's mother over the head. I can't give too much away but she is a poor excuse for a mother. Her father is not much better but at least he seems to get it a little. How Avery survived as long as she has with her for a mother is beyond me.“Leaning back against Cam's chest, I tipped my head back and I reached up, cupping his cheek. I drew his mouth to mine and kissed him softly. "Thank you."His lips curved up on one side. "For what?""For waiting for me.” Avery has to take a chance. She has to hope that when the truth comes to light, Cam will still want her.I absolutely adore J. Lynn's writing style. This was a very sweet college romance with a darker twist. I really felt for Avery and I wanted her to heal and move on with her life. Her parents were something else. I can not believe them.Cam, he was absolutely wonderful. He was patient and kind. He seemed to understand what Avery was going through even when she couldn't tell him. There were times when I wanted to smack Avery up side the head too. This one was a solid four star read for me.