Stay with Me - Elyssa Patrick Stay With Me is a refreshing New Adult Romance that is relatively drama free. Hailey is a former child actor/rock star who is looking to leave her former life behind. She does what so many other nineteen year old's do, she enrolls in college. She's hoping to keep a low profile, but things rarely go as planned and soon she finds herself back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.Hailey was in the spotlight before she was even able to walk. Her mother took her to Hollywood as an infant and she became the next Gerber Baby. Hailey was an actress and eventually she began singing. She sold out arenas around the country and she hated every minute of it. When she became an adult, she decided to take control of her life and find out who she really was.Caleb is a student in a small college. He lives close to his family and when he begins his junior year, he runs into none other than the Hailey Bloom at a party. He is immediately drawn to her. Hailey is afraid to get close to anyone because they may not be interested in her but her persona.Hailey just wants to blend in. She tries so hard to not be Hailey Bloom the star and just be Hailey the person. One day while trying to blend in Hailey encounters Daphne. Also a freshman, Daphne quickly befriends Hailey and Hailey discovers that Daphne is Caleb's sister. Hailey falls into this tight knit group of friends and finds something she has always wanted.In Hollywood you have to constantly watch your back and even "friends" can stab you in the back. Trusting others does not come easily to her.Hailey's mother was the mastermind behind her rise to fame. She isn't happy about Hailey going to college.Hailey has turned her back on her mother but she may not be able to move on so easily. Caleb and Hailey continue to get closer. She finds something she never planned on.When Hailey's secrets are threatened, she is sure that Caleb will disappear. Caleb is her rock and he is absolutely swoon worthy.This was a sweet and mostly uncomplicated romance. Hailey is a young woman who is just coming into her own and finding herself. Caleb knows who he is and where he is going an he helps Hailey in her journey. If you are looking for a light sweet read then this one is for you.4 Sweet Stars!