Three Hearts, One Soul (The Soul Series, #1) - Bec Botefuhr This is one of those books. The kind that rip your heart out, stomp on it and then throw it around and toss it out. I was gutted by this story. There was no easing into it. It just took off right out of the gates. I cried like a baby. I loved it and I hated it. So here is my take on this tale.Neveah is a young woman who has been walking through life but not really living. You see, a piece of her went missing about five years ago. Now she is a nurse in a small hospital and she is getting by.Jarrod, aka Whiskey, was the bad boy next door. He was the dark horse in the trio. Whiskey had a thing for Neveah and he always called her Heaven. She has always been his heaven.Jae was the one who kept the other two in line. He grounded Whiskey and he loved Nev. They grew up together and when they got old enough. That love evolved into something more.Nev struggled. She loved both brothers and couldn't choose between the two. She decided to just continue being friends with both of them. One night changed everything forever.So the brothers did the only thing they knew how to do. Rather than hate each other or force her to choose, they ran away. They both took off and hadn't seen each other in five years.Nev is all grown up now. While doing her rounds in the hospital she walks in to meet her new patient and finds Jase. He is very sick. Nev immediately wants to do anything she can to help him. Jase decides to spend his time with Nev. He wants to have what they never did while he can.Jase asks Nev to help him find Whiskey but Whiskey doesn't want to be found. Nev made a promise that she will find him before it's too late. Nev has to figure out how she can move past the two men she loved leaving her.Whiskey has been MIA and he has fallen in with some bad people. He refuses to talk to her about it. Even though she started getting strange phone calls after she started looking for him.Nev won't give up on Jase. She just got him back and she can't loose him again.This is where you should pull out your Kleenex....Whiskey is not the man he was. He is broken and tattered. Jase makes them promise to stay together and work things out. Whiskey has other ideas. In the meantime, Nev is hurting, she's scared and alone. She finds herself being pulled back in by Whiskey.This book is so hard to review without giving too much away. In the end, it was simply amazing and I can not freaking wait for book two!“True love to me, is that person that just fits you. Not only are they your best friend, your lover and your rock, but they’re your hero, your worst enemy, and everything in between. It’s the love that makes you, it can also be the love that breaks you.” - Jase This was intense! It was so worth it though. The story is told from Neveah's point of view. There are flashbacks to when they were younger but they are not distracting and they add a lot to the story. There are a lot of revelations and a lot of pain. This book was raw and real and you can't help but feel the pain and anguish as well as the love. I absolutely adored this writing style. Bec Botefuhr, you are amazing!5 Soul Shattering Stars!