Following Me - K.A. Linde This is one of K.A. Lind's lowest rated books. I think this happened because the book plays out a lot more like a Kubrick film and less like a typical romance novel. Having said that, I thought it was quite good.There are four lives that are all connected in this book. The main story is about Devon or "Dev". Devon comes from a family where country music is what they do. Her parents are legendary song writers. Devon has no interest in being a lyricist but she can not deny that she writes songs constantly to express her feelings. Devon is a college student who hops on a bus to Chicago and leaves everything behind in St. Louis. She is going to visit Hadley, her former room mate and Hadley's new boyfriend Garrett.Devon arrives in Chicago and discovers that Hadley is not who she was just six short months ago. Her life has taken a few major turns and Devon is worried. But Devon doesn't have it in her to be supportive. She is on the run and feels like someone is following her all of the time. She looks around every corner and becomes paranoid that someone is there.Brennan is the bartender at the local bar in Hadley's neighborhood. He is a bartender by day, college grad and singer by night. Brennan has carefully constructed walls around himself to keep everyone out. He has suffered a great deal and he is not interested in getting close to anyone.Reid is Devon's boyfriend. For some reason she has lied to him and told him that she was in Paris for the summer. She is not returning his texts, calls or e-mails. Devon tells Hadley that she and Reid are over. She hasn't told Reid that they are over though.Devon and Brennen start to get close and the closer he gets the more he sees. Devon is hiding something huge.She has extreme nightmares and wakes up in a cold sweat. Garrett begins offering his support to Devon. He can't help but hear Devon's screams in the night.Brennan lets Devon in despite trying desperately not to."There's that smile, that beautiful smile. I want to keep making you smile, but I can’t if you walk out of this place. We pulled each other out of the water once, Devon. I can’t bear to see you sink any deeper. Please, please stay with me. Just stay with me,” he pleaded.- BrennanDevon's secrets begin to unravel and her past finds her in the Windy City.But the way Devon deals with it is not what you would expect.Seriously Devon! Devon must choose to deal with her past and embrace her possible future, or return to the hell that awaits her.I really like K.A. Linde's writing style. I felt like this was just a different type of book for her. Perhaps those who didn't like it were simply looking for something else. This was more of a psychological thriller than romance. There is romance in it, but there was a lot more to it than that. I didn't like the mystery behind Devon's swift departure from St. Louis. I don't think it would have detracted from the book to bring out the "problem" earlier on. As it was written, you were left guessing and it became a little frustrating. At one point I wondered if she was simply mentally ill and the issues were delusions rather than reality.Overall I am giving this 3.5 rounding up to 4 stars. I think it could have been better if the author had focused more on Brennan and Devon and revealed more sooner. I liked this book and I wanted to love it. I got really mad at the end with how the main characters dealt with everything. Though it is a departure for this author's writing style it was still good. 4 Stars.