Wethering The Storm (The Storm, #2) - Samantha Towle This is the second book in a series. Book one was The Mighty Storm and was simply amazing. So if you haven't read it yet, you may want to skip this review and go read it first...trust me, you will love it.Here is the rundown of my thoughts and feelings while reading this book:First off, The chemistry between Tru and Jake picks up right where it left off. HOT!After the first 25-30% of the book, I got a little bored. (So why did I give this book five stars when I was feeling a little bored? Read the whole review before you decide for yourself.)Then BAM! Action overload. Oh shit!Then we get an epilogue that makes me LOVE this book.*************************So the actual story...Jake continues to be the rock god that he is. Jake and Tru have come to L.A. to start their life together. Jake takes Tru to his old bachelor pad that is to become their new home.“You don't complete me, Tru. You make me who I am. You make me better. I'd be nothing without you. NOTHING. I've been there once before, and I'm never going back. I'm never losing you again.”-JakeThere is considerable less action in the first half of the book. The couple gets simply "be" in love. Simple, uncomplicated love. Ok, so maybe it wasn't quite that uncomplicated. There will always be drama with this pair, but for them, it was quiet.Tru is missing her friends back in Manchester. She is very much in love with Jake and wants nothing more than to be with him.“There is no one else for me. I begin and end with you.”-JakeWhile on vacation enjoying each other, Tru finds out that Jake doesn't want kids. His father was a horrible example of a parent and he doesn't ever want to put a kid through that. Tru wants kids.Tru doesn't have time to think about the possibility that this could take away their future. Life begins throwing them some curve balls. And by curve balls, I mean huge freaking curve balls. Things happen fast and Jake is left reeling. His temptation to return to drugs is overwhelming. Jake struggles to handle the stress.I seriously did not see this coming. How did I not see this coming? It was heartbreaking and wonderful and tragic and made me cry like a baby. The end of this book pulled it off for me. I do not blame the author for me feeling a little bored for a small portion for the book. There are lots of people who will read the book and LOVE that part. It is the cementing of their relationship. The end of this book, the end was the best part in my opinion.“The girl who, twenty-four years ago to the day, stepped into my life with her big brown eyes, her hair in pigtails, sucking on a lollipop as she stared across at me through the garden fence and said, “I’m Trudy, you want a lollipop?” I let out a laugh as tears fill my eyes, realizing today’s date is August 31. The day Jake and I met.” Jake, he was an ass, he faced his demons, he was redeemed. God I love that man. He is such a tortured soul. Tru was the rock through this whole journey. I loved her.This is one of my favorite rock star series. It is hot and amazing and heartfelt and so much more. What. a. ride. We get to see a little bit of Jake's point of view in this one. *swoon*“Do you remember what I said that first night we moved into our new house? What you asked me to say as my vows? It still stands Tru, it will always stand. My love for you is limitless, it knows no bounds. You're in my veins. I bleed you. I belong to you...I always have and I always will. You will always be my June, Tru.” So, five stars it is. Great ending to a great and simply beautiful series. Love this author, loved this book!www.readinghaven.me