The Impact of You - Kendall Ryan This is a quick and somewhat predictable romance. Avery goes off to college to escape the drama that she left behind in high school. She is in college now and keeping a low profile. She is not a party girl. One night her friends talk her into going to a frat party. She finds herself catching the eye of notorious womanizer, Jase.Jase is hot as can be and can get any girl on campus. Something about Avery catches his eye and he finds himself wanting to help her fit in. She is vulnerable and he wants to get to the bottom of the mystery.Avery is keeping secrets. She doesn't want anyone in her new school to know about her past.Avery and Jase are in a Human Sexuality class together. *Ahem.* He decides to take the timid Avery and help her come out of her shell.When Jase finds out about Avery's past, he feels betrayed. He had no idea what she was hiding from him.Avery finds her past coming back to haunt her.Jase has to decide whether or not he can live with Avery's past. He may have to accept her for who she is to be with the green eyed girl he's falling for.So this is where I didn't totally love this book but only liked it. There is the typical double standard. The man whore can be a man whore and everyone just calls him "experienced". The girl has a few experiences and she is labeled a slut. Very frustrating. I wanted to like this book more but it wasn't great for me. This author is quite accomplished and other people liked this book so perhaps it is just me. The average rating on Goodreads is 3.8.Overall a good read, not stellar but not tragic. 3 stars.