Mid Life Love - Whitney G. Mid Life Love is about a woman in her early forties. Claire has discovered that the love of her life, her husband cheated on her with her best friend. She decides to start life over on the opposite coast. She heads west to be closer to her mother and she takes a job well under her expected pay range working for a tech company in advertising.Jonathan is a man in his prime. He is the founder of a major technology company and he is an incredibly wealthy CEO. Jonathan has not had the best start in life but he is doing well for himself and could get any woman he wanted.So when Jonathan sets his sights on Claire, she has no idea why. She sees herself as past her prime and beyond the interest of the likes of Jonathan. He begins pursuing her but she is not having it. She reminds him repeatedly why she is not the right woman for him.Claire is extremely insecure and even though she is beautiful and intelligent.Jonathan is the most attentive "non-boyfriend" I have ever seen. Claire decides early on that they are not in a relationship, nor will they be. To ease her fears of others discovering them together, he goes to extreme lengths.There are many swoon worthy moments where he is the absolute best guy on the planet. He is everything she could ever want. But she won't let herself have him.Despite all of this, Claire continues to push him away. She is not able to see herself as deserving. She knows that it will eventually end anyway, so she wants to save herself the heartache.She just can't get past the betrayal of her ex-husband and her best friend.Jonathan's mother enters the picture at a time when they are just starting to get closer. She is a chronic drug user and this is her thirteenth drug rehab graduation. Jonathan tries to pursue her. He does everything to make her realize that she is beautiful, intelligent and worthy of his love. He can't stop his feelings from growing no matter how hard he tries.Some things just can not be undone. Claire goes too far, and Jonathan may not be able to forgive her.Things I loved about this book: 1) Jonathan was perfect. Absolutely perfect. 2) The idea that love has no age limits. 3) Both people were strong and intelligent. 4) Amazing writing. 5) HOT sex. 6) Great dialogue.What I didn't like: 1)Claire and her wishy washy "I am not good enough" attitude. I wanted to seriously smack her upside the head. I get why she was that way, but it was still really annoying at times. 2) And Jonathan puts up with WAY more than any man should from her.That said, I really loved this book. It pulled me in and kept me reading late into the night. I would give this one a four star rating. It was very sweet at times and also very entertaining. There is a lot of drama so if you like the drama, this one is for you. We do get our happily ever after in the end. I will definitely look for more from this author.