Freeing Asia (Breaking Free, #1) - E.M. Abel I had two recommendations from my reading friends for this book. So naturally, I had to check it out. This is a really well written book about a tough girl who sees herself as "one of the guys". She has spent her young adult life regretting the one who got away, the one who broker her heart and took her innocence. Now, she's all grown up and she is ready to move on.Asia grew up in the shadow of her brothers who protected her from everything and everyone. But Asia is no delicate flower. Living with all men for years, she learned to take care of herself. She is quick with a right hook, surfs with the guys and can skateboard. She also has a killer imagination and is an amazing artist. What she is not, is feminine. She dresses like a tomboy and one day she decides to reinvent herself and get on with her life.On her debut as a hot seductress, Asia runs into Jay. He is a hot guy who is just at home in a business suit as he is in a swimming suit hitting the surf. Asia is finally ready to let her heart go and move on from the past. She has decided to give Jay a chance. But does Jay know the real Asia and is he falling for her or the new reinvented version of herself?Marcus is the one who got away. He was best friends with Asia's brother. Having lost his family, her family became like a surrogate family for him. So, when Asia started having feelings for him in high school, she didn't tell anyone.Now that Asia has Jay in her life, Marcus is back. He immediately takes notice of the beautiful woman who he hurt so many years ago. But he is a guy who doesn't do relationships. He has had a lot of women in his past, but nothing serious. Marcus is a skateboarder who went pro and has traveled the world participating in tournaments. He is now "retired" and is opening a new shop, right down the road from Asia.Asia has just started to open up to Jay and she has no idea what to do with her feelings.Asia's nickname..."Puffy". Because when she gets high, she makes a puffy face with her cheeks. She and her brothers have always been free spirited. Can Jay accept her for who she is?One very high night, Asia meets up with Marcus and she finds herself feeling things she promised herself she wouldn't.Can you ever forget your first love? Can you move on and be someone "new"?Or, will no one else ever truly compare?Even if he could never be what you need. Can he be enough?And what cost you are willing to pay?This was a very interesting book. I really liked Asia and she was a unique and refreshing change. I adored her bad girl attitude and her spunk. Asia didn't take any shit from anybody. She also had no idea how beautiful and desirable she was . I liked both men for differing reasons. There were heavy moments in this book but there were also many lighthearted spots. It was very well written, great dialogue, genuine and believable characters. 4 stars!