Travis (Alluring Indulgence, #3) - Nicole Edwards Travis, Travis, Travis. Well, first off, if you want to read this book and you haven't started this series, you might want to catch up before reading this one. Though it's not absolutely necessary to read the whole series first, it certainly makes it more understandable. Travis is the oldest Walker brother. There are seven of them, yes, seven. They are all rugged and hot cowboys who hail from Texas. The series chronicles each of them as they discover who they are and find love. Travis is the leader in the family and his dream is to open a club to rival the best of all clubs. It will be a fetish and fantasy club. He will run it with his brothers and even his father.Travis has been brooding and unhappy for the last decade. His family doesn't know why but at the end of the previous book...the bomb was dropped that explained a few things. (Thus the reason you might wanna catch up first).Gage is a tough guy cop who was previously working undercover. His cover was blown to hell by Travis in an effort to save his brother. There is something between Gage and Travis that is hard to explain. When they come together, they find themselves attracted in a way that they both know they shouldn't. Gage is notorious for engaging in threesomes. He has held his cards close to his vest though and Travis seems to understand Gage more than makes him comfortable.Kylie is the one who got away. She met and married Travis when she was just nineteen. After a mere three weeks he walked away. At twenty nine she is older and wiser...but still married. Why? She can't seem to forget the rugged cowboy that stole her heart all of those years ago. The marriage remains a secret. They had three blissful weeks together before Travis walked away. He was afraid that she would never be able to give him all of what he needed. He was afraid she wouldn't understand his needs.What Travis needed was to be with both men and women. He has always know about himself that he is not just a one person kind of man. He needed a relationship with more than one person. Travis knew that she wouldn't understand. He thought he was doing the right thing by walking away.When Gage walks into Kylie's life asking her to remodel his grandparents old farmhouse, she had no idea what she was getting into. Kylie and Gage spend months together flirting and getting to know each other. Kylie know she is falling for him. Just when she thinks she could finally love again, in walks Travis back into her life. The reunion is explosive and devastating. Kylie is unsure if her heart can survive.One day early summer day, Travis and Kylie go to a secluded lake and try to hash things out. Gage is drawn to them and he shows up just as a flash storm comes in. The road floods and the three of them are trapped and soaked in the cab of a truck. What happens could change all three of them forever.Travis is drawn to Gage and Gage is mad as hell that he is having feelings for Travis.Events lead them together and while each of them has their own idea of what the future may hold, they are enjoying what they have for now.If Gage kept up this perfect gentleman routine, she was going to have to buy stock in Duracell or Energizer just so she could function on a daily basis.- KylieHe needed this woman more than he needed to breathe. Air was suddenly an extraneous element that meant little without this woman’s taste flooding his tongue.- TravisAt this point, Travis was willing to offer up his left nut for the opportunity to sink deep within her body and feel her milk him for all she was worth.- KylieKylie was tempted to look down and see if her panties went “poof” right off her body. That was a devious smile, and there was no mistaking what he was getting at.- KylieNicole Edwards....I love you. You write the hottest sex scenes on the planet. I am not usually into m/m love stories, but Nicole can make me forget my inhibitions and love these two men together. She can also throw in another woman and make it work. This book had me at menage.Be prepared if you read this book. Get some spare batteries, some spare panties, grab your man, woman, whatever and hold on, because this is one hell of a ride!5 Amazingly Hot Sex