House Rules  - Chloe Neill I had to savor this one. I normally devour books but this one was too good and I didn't want it to end. We are back in Chicago where we left off... Codogan house is about to turn their backs on the GP (Greenwich Presidium). Mallory continues to nurse her wounds while working for Berna in a shifter run biker bar. (Hilarious) The new mayor has it out for Vamps and we get to see more of our villain McKetrick. I am glad that this book is going back to the GP and Vampire drama. It felt like the author was moving away from the key elements that made the books in this series so good. This one goes back to the vampire roots. All the drama and action fit perfectly. [a:Chloe Neill|1857564|Chloe Neill|] writes amazing action sequences and her transitions are seamless. Excellent writing all around. The Ethan eyebrow lift is back. Merits snark is in full swing. 5 Eyebrow lifting stars!