Sweet Thing - Renée Carlino Love, Love, Love this book.If you loved Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens, you will love Sweet Thing. Oh, I am swooning over Will. I want my very own Will!Mia is heading from Detroit to NYC to take over her father's business and apartment after his death. On the plane ride there she sits by Will, who is petrified of flying. They strike up a conversation to help calm Will's nerves and discover that they actually have a lot in common. Will is a musician. Mia is also into music but is trying to be practical and not a "flighty musician" She has a business degree and she is determined to make something of her life. Will is a struggling artist living in a storage unit. He has big dreams and his willing to work for them.Mia decides to take a roommate and Will is there to fill the room. But he ends up filling more than the room, he begins to fill her heart. Mia is bound and determined that she will not let Will in. She knows that he is going to end up breaking her heart. Will waits patiently hoping that Mia will see what they have for what it is. Together they are magic and she knows it, but she is running scared. She makes bumbling mistake after bumbling mistake. Some of them were cringe worthy and made me literally ache for them. Sweet Thing is poignant and heartbreaking. I absolutely adored this book. I fell in love with Will and Mia. I loved that they were facing the real trouble of a young twenty-somethings trying to muddle through life and figure out what they want. Mia struggles to deal with the loss of her father in the only way she knows how. Will is her rock, her best friend, and he could be so much more if she would just let him in. You get a HEA, and it is so worth ALL of the heartache!I can't rave enough about this book! LOVED IT! http://johnstohbibliomaniac.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/sweet-thing-by-renee-carlino/