Rush Me - Allison Parr This book seems to be getting a wide range of reviews. First off this is not a fast and light read. It is a thought provoking book. It is a smart and witty. There is a lot of lead up to the love part of this story. There are a lot of books out there that rush into the relationship and the sex without building characters and the relationships. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I actually like those books. This one just had a little something... more. Rachel is a twenty-something struggling to survive in NYC. She is a proud woman who wants to make a name for herself doing the thing she loves, publishing books. She is a book loving nerdy girl. One night while out with friends, she accidentally crashes a party, a pro-football party. While at the party she meets Ryan Carter. Ryan Carter meets a woman who baffles him. In a city full of fans he finally meets someone who has no idea who he is. And she gives him an earful. They develop a tenuous friendship. That friendship develops into something a little bit more. Shocked into silence, I snapped my mouth shut and followed him. Guerrilla compliments; conqueror of sarcasm. Rachel is little proud and a lot scared. Ryan is a lot stubborn and a little insecure. This book takes us on their journey to find something more. I lifted my lips that last half inch between us and pressed them against his. For a heartbeat, the kiss was soft and tender, newly born. I could feel his heartbeat under my hand, could feel my pulse leaping in my throat. I loved this book. It was smart and funny and left me feeling warm and fuzzy. I loved the back-story of the old high school flames and the annoying girl who you love to hate. I would recommend it to someone who loves romance with HEA with a little something... more. 5 Stars!**This book was given by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.**