Deadly Fear - Cynthia Eden Heather's thoughts:Monica Davenport is a federal agent who has made a career of getting into the minds of serial killers. She has a dark past that makes her uniquely qualified to do the job. This past is hidden so deep that she hopes no one will ever find it.Monica has nightmares that haunt her. She has taken her fears and turned them into her weapon. Monica is known as "ice" because of her lack of emotion on the job. Unfortunately, she has always had trouble showing emotion off the job too.Luke Dante is Monica's partner who will be going South to look into a possible serial case. This is not the first time Monica and Luke have worked together. They work well as a team both at work and in bed. Monica is determined that this time, things will remain professional. They are the elite in their division and she is determined to keep things strictly professional.When Monica and Luke arrive on the scene, it doesn't appear that there are any connections between the deaths in this sleepy southern town. As they dig deeper though, Monica discovers that the deaths are closer than they ever could have imagined.The killer is extremely organized and has a plan and motivation for each kill. He plays on your darkest fears. Each victim is chosen carefully and researched meticulously. Only when he knows exactly what he needs to do to inflict maximum terror does he strike.Meanwhile, Monica and Luke struggle to ignore the chemistry that simmers below the surface. As they dig deeper into the case the more they realize that what they fear most may just be not giving each other a chance.I am a romance novel reader. Sometimes I am in the mood for a sweet romance and sometimes I go for the angst. Somehow I let my friends reviews roped me into this thriller/horror romance (Thanks Blacky...I am blaming you!). I have to say they I am so glad I read it. This author is AMAZING! I got sucked into the drama and the intensity that was built to a fever pitch. I had nightmares, NIGHT-FREAKING-MARES! ME!It was just that good! I had no idea what was going to happen next. I really loved the way the author tied in the past with the present. I loved Monica and Luke together. They were HOT and AMAZING! The dialogue was great. The character development was stellar and completely believable. I loved their back-story and how we got to learn about what made each one of them want to work at catching serial killers. This was written primarily from Monica's POV but it did switch a bit so we got to see the POV of a few other characters.If this was my typical genre, I might have given it 5 stars. There were a few times when things got a little confusing for me but other than that, this one was perfect. I do not advise reading this one before bedtime... just sayin'.