Facade (Games, #2) - Nyrae Dawn Delaney is a young woman who has had a tough life. At only eighteen, she has had to deal with a mother who hates her, a father who is an alcoholic. Laney has moved with her brother to a small town. They got an apartment and Laney is determined to right all of the wrongs that she somehow feels responsible for.Adrian is drowning in his sorrow. He lost someone he loved and has been numbing the pain ever since. He lives in a small college town and has very few friends. He keeps himself high almost all of the time to keep his bad dreams at bay.Laney gets a job waitressing and one night, in walks Adrian. He is immediately attracted to her but Adriane doesn't do anything more than casual flings. He doesn't deserve anything more after all of the bad things he is responsible for. Laney sees Adrian for who he is behind the pain and she wants to help him. Laney wants to take care of everyone and make everything better. But she can't. She finally has to realize that she can't control what other people do and she has to let some things go. Her mother does not take this well.Adrian is continuing to struggle with his past. As we learn the true nature of what happened we can understand why it was so devastating for him.Laney gets closer and closer to Adrian and begins to fall for him. Only she is hiding a major bombshell of a secret. When Adrian finds out, he may never forgive her.Nyreae Dawn writes THE MOST amazing dramatic romance stories EVER. This one was a four star instead of five only because it didn't resonate as much for me as the first in this series did. I love, love , love these characters. The chemistry was amazing. It is a heartwarming and gut wrenching story of love and forgiveness.The twists and turns that we go through to get to the climax of this book were amazing. My heart broke for both of these characters. I also love the set up for the next book and can not wait to read on about Maddox, Lanie's brother.4 Gut Wrenching Stars