Take Me, Break Me (Pierced Hearts, #1) - Cari Silverwood Well, well, well. This was one hot little read.Jodie is an underemployed comedian and film maker. She is struggling to make ends meet. She has an e-reader full of racy erotica. She is really interested in a capture fantasy and decides to create a documentary film starring herself and her old flame Klaus.Klaus is an accountant. Everything he does is controlled and by the books. He is intrigued when Jodie approaches him. He has always had a thing for her but felt that they never really connected. Klaus called off their relationship because he always felt that Jodie was holding something back. When she approaches him with her idea he is horrified and a little turned on.Before long Klaus and Jodie are knee deep in the world of dubious consent. Jodie finds herself turned on by the use of her body and the punishments. Initially, she is defiant, but after some discipline, she falls into the role with surprising ease. This is a little scary for her.Klaus finds himself not just pushing boundaries but blasting through them like a WMD. Klaus is finding his inner Dom and loving it. He enjoys pulling Jodie to the edge and holding her there. He loves the way she bends to his will.As their agreed upon time draws to a close, Klaus asks Jodie is she has any fantasies. She wants to be in a ménage à trois. Klaus sets out to make it happen. He finds another man and woman who are into BDSM and they play together.All good things must come to an end. Klaus soon questions everything about their arrangement and who he ha become. Jodie begins to have deeper feelings for Klaus. But now that he is pushing her away, will she be able to save their relationship before he runs?There were a few minor things I did not like about this book. Klaus quickly agreed to this arrangement and things moved fast. There were parts that were not highly believable. Aside from that, this was a hot one. I loved the inner dialogue and how we got to see both points of view. We got a glimpse of what it was like for Klaus to go down the rabbit hole. We also got to see how Jodie found herself becoming more and more under the spell of Klaus. She was so tuned into him and so turned on by him. If you are looking for a hot read that pushes ALL KINDS of boundaries...this is for you!4 Boundary Pushing stars!