Abduction - Varian Krylov Varian Krylov explored the darkest most disturbing facets of the human mind. She is not afraid to look at the darkest fantasies that you are afraid to admit you have. This book is not for everyone. It is full of scenes involving dubious consent, non-consent, coercion and rape fantasy. There are m/f, m/m, and m/f/m interactions. This is a dark and twisted journey of a physically innocent young woman. She has a rich fantasy life that she puts down on paper but she never acts out any of it, never intends to act out any of it. Her dark fantasies involve force. Devan writes these stories and shares them on-line, anonymously .Her stories catch the eye of a man. He decides that it is his responsibility to help Devan act out her fantasies. He meticulously sets out to give her what he knows she needs. It was a thing of fragile, dark beauty. And in those lines he felt something inside of him answering her. Devan is abducted and taken to a remote area where she endures with her captor for days. She knows that what he is doing to her is wrong, but finds herself getting off on it. Devan finds herself falling down into the rabbit hole where he deepest and darkest fantasies could become her worst nightmare. He knows firsthand that her pleasure will punish her. And wanting to punish her, he will please her. Devan finds an opportunity, and makes a hasty escape. She runs for miles with no signs of civilization anywhere. She is hungry, tired and the October nights are very cold. Devan stumbles upon a cabin. The cabins owner is not home but when he returns his wrath could be worse than the one she just escaped. She wants to be, sees herself as a certain kind of person, the desires she has doesn't fit. She wants to experience them, but doesn't want to be responsible. She wants them done to her, so she can experience them, and still be innocent. This author is one that can really write a story. She spins a tale and pulls the reader in. It is very dark and highly erotic. It is a love it or hate it book, and I loved it. 5 Dark Erotica Stars