Eyes Wide Open  (The Blackstone Affair, #3) - Raine Miller Oh Ethan....“My kinky, foul-mouthed romantic gentleman lover.” -BrynneThis is the third in the series and the "end" of the series. There will be a fourth stand alone book. I had a hard time remembering the details from the first two book but I quickly caught up without a re-read. Before I go too far, I have to get my Ethan fan-girling out of the way...Ok, I'm better now. Eyes wide open begins where book 2 left off. Ethan and Brynne are in a relationship and both of them are [b:All In|16001443|All In (The Blackstone Affair, #2)|Raine Miller|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1358492101s/16001443.jpg|21763059]. We still don't know who the mysterious bad guy is. We know at this point that Brynne was the victim of a horrific gang rape where she was videotaped and humiliated. While her past continues to haunt her, she begins to heal with the help of Ethan. “My position was simple, really. I didn't care about her past. It changed nothing in my feelings for her. She was the one-the one person I needed to be with. Now it was just a matter of convincing her of this fact. And I will... because I love her.”- EthanEthan and Brynne have a lot of obstacles to overcome in this installment. He is still suffering from nightmares. We learn more about Ethan and why he continues to be plagued by horrific dreams. Brynn continues to work as in art restoration as well as modeling. Ethan begins to have serious problems with her posing nude. Brynne is not interested in giving up her livelihood. Brynn begins to understand why she feels compelled to pose for these pictures. “Are you real?" He whispered, brushing up my face with the back of his fingers in a cherishing caress. "Because I'll want you forever.” -EthanEthan and Brynne get closer and we get to see this from both points of view. We get to understand more of what Brynne is going through and feel the depth of both her and Ethan's feelings for one another. I absolutely adore Ethan in all of his possessive alpha male manliness. I also adored Brynn who was a just a real person dealing with her horrible past. This was my favorite by far in the series. I think the dual POV helped and the wrap up of many of the past issues. There were still a few strings left hanging but not so many that I would call it a cliffhanger. Overall, five glorious stars!***A copy of this book was provided via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review***