Knight & Stay (Knight, #2) - Kitty French I have to say this one was much better than the first book. Things begin to unravel in Knight & Play and we see the fallout in all its glory in Knight & Stay. Sophie finds herself unwilling to return to her position at Knight Inc. She returns to her old job only to find that her old boss is making passes at her. With nowhere else to turn she goes back to Lucien and asks for her job back. But there are rules. No touching, no flirting, no kissing, you get the idea. But how long can she stick to her rules when she is drawn to the one man she knows she can't ever truly have? Lucien warned Sophie not to fall in love. He is not the "falling in love" kind. He can never return feelings but even with all of his warnings, Sophie can't help but start to fall. Lucien tries to walk away and feels himself drawn back in. Sophie's marriage is in tatters and she is trying to clean up the wreckage that is her life. This book goes so much deer than the first book. Here we get to see the raw and real feelings of these two characters. We get a much better understanding of why Lucien can never love or let anyone in. We learn more about Sophie and we see her fight for what she wants. I absolutely adored this book. It still had a raw sensuality to it but it delved much deeper this time. Bravo! 5 Hot Hunky Viking Stars!