Complete Me: A Novel - J. Kenner If you liked book 1 and 2...this one will not disappoint!Nikki and Damien have been through so much up to this point. Damien is now facing unthinkable murder charges. He has left Nikki to go to Germany and deal with the fallout from his past. Nikki who has her own demons to face, finds she must confront Damien and keep him from turning away from her. Damien is intense, passionate and loyal to a fault. Nikki begins receiving unusual threats. Damien begins to wonder if he can keep Nikki safe. Nikki has no idea where the threats are coming from or what will happen next.But Nikki is not going down so easily. Nikki and Damien begin to rely on each other and draw strength from one another to move forward. Damien is the absolute epitome of Alpha male. Nikki is a born submissive and when Damien is in charge...all bets are off. "I want the universe spread wide before you. And I want to be the one who sends you tumbling over, shooting off into space, without control, without inhibitions" -DamienThe thing I love about these books... Nikki is smart. She is not your typical doormat girlfriend that are so often scripted in this type of book. She could and has stood on her own two feet. Damien is completely loyal to her and loves her.This series is not one to be missed. This is particular book is a bit of this...and a bit of this..."I am need personified-and what I need is Damien."-Nikki Oh, and we can not forget the villain who leaves us reeling and threatens everything. He/She will be revealed as will the motive behind the madness...5 Lust-filled Stars!