Second Chance Boyfriend - Monica  Murphy Second Chance Boyfriend picks up right where One Week Girlfriend left off. Drew has developed strong feelings for Fable. He is running scared because she knows all of his secrets and he is sure that she deserves better.Fable is waiting patiently for Drew to realize that he needs her as much as she needs him. In the meantime, Fable has been offered a job at a new upscale restaurant and club. It seems to good to be true as does her new boss.Will Fable and Drew realize what they have before it's too late?Will Drew's past keep them from truly being able to be together?Maybe we’re too perfect together. Too perfect doesn’t really exist. This could all be a façade. Just like our week together over the Thanksgiving break.Being with her so intimately feels right. Perfect. I like getting naked with her, both physically and emotionally. Laying myself bare, showing her everything I have, everything I am, I’m not afraid when I’m with her. It’s liberating. Freeing. Like a little miracle. I ached for Fable in this installment. She is forced to deal with her mother once and for all. She has never had to rely on anyone and has never been able to trust anyone to be there for her. She tries and frequently fails to let Drew in.Adele is the villain we love to hate.We get to see the full depths of her depravity in this book, and it is not pretty.Drew finds out more about his past and truly beings to get closure. Adele begins to feel trapped and when she is trapped, the claws come out. In the end Drew may pay the ultimate price to protect Fable.4 Gut-wrenching Stars.