Cautious (Disastrous, #2) - E.L. Montes This is the second and final book in the Disastrous series. In the first book we were introduced to the life of Marcus and fell in love with him despite his family ties. Mia continues in college and is still the smart young woman that we also fell in love with in book one. This book takes their relationship a bit father as we go further forward into this dark and twisted world. I categorized this as a romantic suspense because right from the beginning, we know something big is going to happen and E.L. Montes does not disappoint.Marcus:Marcus is still hot as hell. He is an Italian lawyer who happens to be intimately connected to the mob. He is "Uncle Lou's" right hand man and is frequently called in to handle large transactions. In between these exchanges, Marcus and Mia continue to have a highly physical relationship. To say they have chemistry is rather mild...Marcus wants to get out. He wants to lead a normal life. The only way that he knows to get out is to either die or turn snitch. He feels caught and he begins to wonder if he will ever be good enough for someone like Mia.Mia loves Marcus and to her things seem clear cut. She wants Marcus to get out. She loves him but she is afraid of what will happen to him She sees the toll that his lifestyle is taking on him. Between the angst-filled dialogue Mia finds herself unable to resist the pull she feels toward Marcus.Marcus must make difficult choices and in the end, his decision could be a matter of life and death for those he loves the most...This was a suspense filled roller coaster ride with a hot Italian at the wheel. This installment was a not quite as good as the first one for me but it was still well worth it. This one has a flash forward moment where you get to see what is going to happen in the future and then are left hanging for the WHOLE book. In the end the series was neatly wrapped up and there were no strings left hanging.Marcus is such a tortured soul who is constantly finding out that those who have been closest to him his entire life are not all that they have seemed. He also learns a lot about his family history that leaves him reeling. He feels the weight of the world on his shoulders. I just wanted to give him a hug and tell him it would all be ok.This was a solid four star read for me. Hot chemistry, great dialogue and never ending twists and turns kept me glued to this book.4 Hot Mob Boss