Surviving Raine - Shay Savage Surviving Raine is told from Bastian's point of view. Bastian is a twenty-nine year old alcoholic. He has never felt wanted or loved. He lived on the streets and learned from the best how to survive. Bastian's only parent figure, Landon, taught him how to thrive with the skills he had. Bastian became more but the price he paid was an unending string of nightmare that made him want to drown in a bottle.Bastian bought a boat, changed his name and escaped his old life. He became the ships captain and took people on pleasure cruises. He still couldn't outrun the nightmares but getting completely drunk and finding a good prostitute to keep him warm for a few hours was his way of coping.Raine is a nineteen year old who is trying to deal with the death of her father. Her father was a cop and was murdered on the job. As such, Raine was awarded a large settlement. Her friend convinced Raine to go on vacation. Raine decided a small cruise ship would be the perfect plan and that is where she met Bastian."It's a ship. Or it was. Boats are small, and size fucking matters."- BastianOne night while Bastian is particularly drunk, he wakes to a loud noise. He suddenly realizes his ship is upside down when he hits the ceiling of his cabin. The ship rights itself but it is going down. Bastian quickly finds a life raft. He gets himself settled and discovers a body in the water. Bastian jumps in and finds Raine.They are stuck on a life raft with little water and food for weeks. Bastian soon discovers their pasts are intertwined. Rain discovers that the raging ocean has nothing on the turmoil within Bastian.I was pretty confident I could survive in a life raft for quite some time, but surviving Raine without my cock jumping straight out of my shorts like a divining rod. Not so sure. - BastianSoon their attraction toward one another hits a fever pitch. They are stuck on the raft with only each other. Bastian is struggling from withdrawal and DT's without alcohol and they are both in danger of dying from dehydration.When Bastian Stark gets in over his head, the asshole comes out. Long before my brain listened to the words it was forming, they were already out of my mouth. - BastianRaine sees Bastian for what he is. No one has ever taken the time or energy to break down his defenses. Raine has nothing but time, and she is determined to get through.In the end, Bastian must remember the words of his father figure and friend. He will either end up destroying himself or becoming more..."If you call forth what is in you, it will save you. If you do not call forth what is in you, It will destroy you." -LandonI don't even know where to begin with this review. THIS. BOOK. WAS. AMAZING!!! I loved it. Shay Savage is a freaking genius! The imagery, the symbolism, the raw emotion were overwhelming. This book was so much more than just another romance. It was gritty and raw and completely in your face. I adored Bastian and felt for him. He lived a life of horror and he has never faced his demons. Raine may have had a family but she has also had her share of horror. Together they are able to survive and begin to heal. This is a book I wish I could give six stars to. LOVED IT!5 Magnificent Stars