Addicted to You  - Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie This was a knock your socks off, raunchy, nitty-gritty, rough and tumble look at addiction between two soul mates. Loren Hale is everything that Lily believes she doesn't deserve. They have gone off to college together and are fighting to keep their addictions from their families and keep up the appearance of being the perfect children.Loren "Lo" Hale:Lo comes from a wealthy family. His father owns a billion dollar company and he is the heir apparent. The only problem is that Lo's father, Jonathan, loves his company more than his son at times. He pushes Lo to be perfect. He is demanding and cruel. Lo turns to alcohol to drown his sorrows.Lily Calloway:Lily Calloway grew up with Loren Hale. They are best friends and partners in crime. She is one of four girls and is also from a high powered wealthy family. Her father invented a very popular soda. Lily had what some would call an ideal childhood but for some reason he finds herself running to the arms of strangers to feed her addiction to sex. She gets a high off the thrill of the encounter as well as the climax.Part of the thrill is a new guy, but another thrill is the idea of having sex in a place that is taboo. Like public restrooms. Lily has had her fair share of encounters in club restrooms and she never seems to get enough.Only one person in the world knows her secret, Lo. Lily believes she is broken and a freak. Together they have covered up for each other and convinced both of their families that everything is fine. And it appears to be so, from the outside. But on the inside a tempest is brewing. Lo's drinking is getting out of hand and Lilly's encounters are endless.Lily is swept away by her family for a cruise and is stuck at sea with no-one to sate her burning needs. She turns to Loren to give her her next fix. Once they come together, they may never be the same. They have loved each other for forever, but will they be able to overcome their love of alcohol and one night stands to be together.Things begin to unravel for this couple and they become more and more entwined. Their additions are part of what holds them together. To give up one might mean giving up the other.“I'll always be yours.No distance or time apart will change that,Lily.” -Lo*****************************************************This book ended. It ended and I got no resolution. I am so mad at this book.This seriously can not be happening. I need the rest of the story. Like now. I am so sick of cliffhangers. I want to know how it ends...NOW! I was crying, like real tears crying, and it just ended! You can't do this to me anymore. I can't take it.This book is the first book for this duo of twin sisters, Krista and Becca Ritchie. They are a dynamic duo to watch out for. They have got the angst and heartbreak down to an art. This book was like watching a huge train wreck. I couldn't put it down. I had to see the wreck and see if they got to pick up the pieces. But like I said before...I got NO CLOSURE!This book gets five stars from me because it was just that damn good. I loved the writing style, the emotional underpinnings were so realistic. The co-dependent relationship, so realistic. The love they shared and the turmoil, totally realistic. I loved this book. I'd like to take a star away for the cliffhanger (hate them) but I just couldn't. This book totally earned the five stars. Lovely job ladies!