If Only (Captured, #1) - Louise J. WARNING: MINOR SPOILERSThis book seriously got on my nerves. How many ways can one screw up a relationship? Let us count the ways...1) Staying in a relationship with a someone who is not "the right one".2) Making assumptions about what others want and not asking. 3) Not sharing your feelings or communicating in any way about said feelings.4) Running from your fears.5) Settling for less than because being with the right person is too hard.6) Not accepting that other peoples lives change and sometimes they have no choice in that matter.7) NOT COMMUNICATING...AGAIN!Oh the angst!Ok, so this was one big cluster fu*k of mistakes. If Only is an apt title. It drove me insane. I know some people liked it but I just couldn't buy into it and I kept waiting for this angst to work itself out only to be frustrated again. Callie:Callie was so cute and sweet and I loved her. She had it all a hot motocross boyfriend and wonderful relationship and love. But she had no idea what "love" really was. Not until a fateful day when she crossed paths with Joe.Joe:Joe is a an enigma. He is a super-sweet good boy in a bad boy persona. Yes, he loves women. No, he doesn't want a relationship. But...if the right girl came along, maybe, just maybe he would change his mind. I wanted to like Joe. He was HOT and he was a tattoo artist. I just wanted to smack him upside the head. This book made me want to pull my hair out!I found myself skimming past seemingly unrelated and unimportant parts to got to the good parts. They were few and far between for me. I am so sorry to those of you who loved this book. It was just ok for me. There were LOTS of details that could have been skipped, they did not add to the story, only detracted from it. The lack of communication and naivete of both main characters made me feel like they were thirteen and not twenty-somethings. I got that they grew and grew up but still...come on. 3 stars for me.