Picturing Perfect (Love of My Life) - Melissa  Brown Hadley had her life planned out. She went off to college and started working on her teaching degree. She had the perfect life. The perfect friend, the perfect boyfriend and life was exactly what she thought it was supposed to be. But things got complicated fast. Hadley and her long time boyfriend Tucker are drifting apart. When he asks her to go with him to a B&B for New years, Hadley hopes that they can rekindle their flame. Unfortunately, all she discovers is that he has not changed. That one night leads to consequences that will last a lifetime.Tucker is a young investment banker. He comes from "old money". Tucker is a preppy guy who wants the perfect life. His family does not really approve of Hadley. He is not ready to be a father and when Hadley comes to him and says she is pregnant, things do not go well. Secrets are revealed, and Hadley discovers that Tucker may not have been all that he once seemed.Growing up, Hadley and Auden were best friends. Hadley always had a thing for Auden's older brother Jason. They had many interactions but Hadley knew it could never be. Jason grew up and became a best selling author. A chance meeting with Hadley rekindles the attraction but the timing could not be worse."The right guy gets the girl remember? I'm going to show you who that guy is."-JasonJason proves his feelings to Hadley and stays by her side throughout her pregnancy. He is there for her even when she is sure he shouldn't be. Jason is a down to earth good guy. He is thoughtful, romantic, and a bit quirky. Jason and Hadley both have a thing for 80's music and movies.Along comes baby Marty and Jason falls in love. He didn't plan to be a Dad, but sometimes life gives us what we need and not what we want. The problem is, he is not Marty's father, and he and Hadley are not really together. Hadley wants Jason in her life but they have so much history and she is afraid. Life has thrown her a curve ball and she has no idea what to do.This book was so sweet! I absolutely adored Jason. He is the epitome of the perfect guy. He could have been plucked from a John Hughes movie. This was slightly out of my genre. It was quite tame. I tend to read more erotic romance but this one was well worth the read. It was adorable and I could relate to the characters. There was enough to keep me interested and wondering what was going to happen next.I would recommend this to anyone looking for a sweet contemporary romance with a mild steam factor and a major sweet factor.4 Super Sweet Stars