Rock with Me - Kristen Proby Samantha WilliamsSamantha is smart and sexy. She is no stranger to the paparazzi or the brutal bashing that can happen when one is in the media spotlight. Her brother is a famous actor and at one time, she found herself in a relationship with his famous co-star. Sam is not interested in repeating that lesson.Leo NashLeo Nash is the lead singer in a rock band. He is super famous and super down-to-earth. Samantha finds herself attracted to him but she rebuffs him at every turn. Leo is seriously intrigued. He isn't used to women turning him down. So when he goes in for the kiss he's not prepared for how it will end.Samantha runs and Leo gives chase. She is not prepared for what happens when she decides to give in to the sexual chemistry between them.“Don’t ever lie to me, sunshine. I don’t ever want you to run until your legs give out on you like this again. The only time your legs will shake like this is if I’m inside you.”- LeoSamantha is skittish and not even remotely interested in anything more that a few nights of hot and amazing sex. Leo is pretty sure he has found the woman who will make him forget about every other woman.He collapses on top of me, pushing me into the mattress, and I don’t even care if I can breathe. I think he may have just killed me anyway. And what a way to go.“Oh, sunshine,” I whisper and smile gently. “Haven’t you figured out that I’m completely in love with you?” -LeoThis is the sweetest rock story I have read yet. I adored Leo. I really wanted to smack Sam up side the head. She was so afraid of falling for Leo that she pushed him away and was mean and cruel to him at times. Leo was nothing but patient, waiting for Samantha to come around and be ready for him.The chemistry and the sex was HOT HOT HOT! Leo was the kind of guy that every girl dreams of and lusts after. I would totally take you Leo! Samantha is smart and sexy and eventually comes around to realize that Leo is worth the risk of being in the spotlight.4 Sexy Rock God Stars