Lost and Found - Nicole  Williams Rowan is damaged goods. Her mother is sending her off for the summer to live on a ranch with an old friend. Her mother figures that if Rowan can make it there she might just be able to send her off to art school. She doesn't hold out much hope for reforming Rowan.Rowan has learned the fine art of keeping people away. She has had a rough few years. She has worked her way through a slew of boys, drank too much and has been in way too much trouble. Rowan knows that this is it. This is her one chance to show her mother that she can change and she can make her proud.“There wasn't a rhyme or reason to the universe and those who occupied it. We were here. Some us for long durations and some of us for not so long, but the one thing we humans could depend on from life was pain.”-RowanRowan gets off the bus and comes face to face with a boy who changes something inside her. She finds her carefully erected walls slowly tumbling down.“When you open yourself up to people, you let the bad in with the good. I can't promise I won't ever hurt you, Rowen. But it won't be on purpose. I will never hurt you intentionally. I can promise you that.”-JesseJesse has his own past and his own secrets even though from the outside, it looks as though he has led a charmed life. Rowan continues to doubt her worth and her ability to make Jesse happy. She comes face to face with demons from her past and she must learn to rely on those who have chosen to love her.Rowan learns what unconditional love could mean if she is brave enough to accept it and not run away. Rowan must find her inner strength or be forced to repeat the mistakes of others.“We don't deserve anything, Rowen. We don't deserve punishment, we don't deserve happiness, life owes us nothing. realize that." His voice wasn't gentle anymore; it was as strong as I'd ever heard it. "So we have to take what we want because life sure as shit isn't going to freely hand it over.”-JesseThis was such a sweet and heartwarming story. Jesse was strong and kind and everything good. Rowan was spunky and flighty and willing to change. This story was adorable and touching. It is definitely a mild romance. The main characters are nineteen and eighteen. While there is a sex scene, it is mild in nature. The make out scenes are swoon worthy and the chemistry is hot. Jesse and Rowan are adorable!4 Skin Tight Wrangler Jeans Stars