Beauty From Pain (Beauty Series) (Volume 1) - Georgia Cates HATE.HATE.HATE. Cliffhangers! Jack McLaughlin is a wealthy wine maker. He is among the most eligible bachelors in Australia and many women are after him simply for his money. This makes dating a bit precarious. So Jack has devised a plan. He doesn't date. He makes "arrangements" with women to spend a week or two tops having a good time and then they are done. No strings attached. Nice and neat. Right? In comes Laurelyn. She is on summer vacation with her friend. Her best friend's brother lives in Australia and they come for three months to stay with him. Laurelyn is a musician and she is looking for her way in this world. Jake meets her one night in a club and proposes and summer of fun. No strings attached. Easy, right?After a few weeks together, Jack's walls start tumbling down. Laurelyn finds herself doing things she never dreamed, and loving it. Summer is coming to a close and Laurelyn must make a decision. The only way she can walk away from Jack is on her terms. The problem is that Jack may just want to keep her, but what then. Things get messy really fast. Jack must take a leap of faith that he has been unable and unwilling to do. Laurelyn must figure out what she wants and go for it. But will they figure all of this out tin time? MAJOR FREAKING CLIFFHANGER!Still... I loved it. Jack, oh Jack, let me count the ways I love thee. 1) He's hot as sin. 2) He is rich. 2) Brooding Alpha male. 3) Into hot, sweaty, kinky sex.4) Super smart. 5) Oozing charisma. Laurelyn was sweet and adorable. She started out in this romance a bit naive but caught on quickly. She was along for the ride and Jack did not disappoint. Despite the major freaking cliffhanger.... 5 stars!