Second Chances - Lauren Dane I was torn between 3 and 4 stars on this one. I ended up going with four and here is why. The love scenes in this book were HOT! The chemistry was HOT! The dialogue was great, the characters were well developed and the story line was good.What I didn't like: The plot moved forward a little too fast in the beginning making some of the encounters and relationships seem unrealistic. Then, when things should have sped up, they slowed down.I absolutely adored Jude in all of his man-whore ways. Jude was the guy that Rori always fantasized about. He was the unattainable bad boy in high school. Rori is all grown up now and Jude is still a complete womanizer. He is now a cop and on the right side of the law but frequently ends up on the wrong side of the bed.Rori was that girl in High School, the one who the guys liked as a "friend". She was a little overweight, wore glasses, was a little too nerdy, and she was not the most attractive. She has grown up and is now a curvy woman and her nerdy personality has landed her a top notch degree and a best selling author job. Rori is coming off a two year relationship that ended very badly. She has decided to come home and live near her sister and her family.Rori rolls into town and all heads turn her way. She is now a smoking hot successful woman and has men chasing after her immediately, including Jude. "Sweet, shy Rori had had her fucking hotness coming-out party."- JudeJude has his chance but will he blow it? Because if he does, there is another dark horse in the running, Zach Helm sees Rori for exactly what she is, a born submissive in the bedroom. Zach is more than willing to take the reins where Rori is concerned, and with Zach he is playing for keeps. Jude may be in it just to play the game... unless he can pull his head out of his ass long enough to see what an amazing woman Rori is."There was a freedom from being bound that way; she was able to give herself to the experience and let him make the choices."- RoriSo all in all this was a great book with a great story line. It just felt like parts of it were missing. There was multi-POV narrative so you get to see what all of the main characters are going through.4 Steamy Stars!