Captured (The Captive, #1) - Erica Stevens Really good short book for a freebie. The main character Arianna, is part of a rebel faction trying to remove vampires from power. In the dystopian world created by Stevens, Vampires rule the Earth. The control all of the resources and hunt humans to enslave them. They are treated like animals meant to be used for food and no more. Arianna is captured and sold as a blood slave. To her there is no fate worse. She finds herself abruptly removed from the man who bought her by the Prince of the Kingdom, Braith. Over time Arianna finds herself becoming more and more interested in the Prince as she sees that there is more to him than she initially thought. Arianna finds herself in a position where she must choose between the life she knew and the man she has come to care for.There was some very mild sexual tension and some kissing and petting side from that, this was a pretty PG-13 book.