The Bet - Rachel Van Dyken This book was exactly what I needed. It was a lighthearted romance with some seriously sweet moments. Kacey grew up next door to Jake and Travis. While Jake was a smooth talker, Travis was always being mean to her. In high school, Kacey fell in love with Jake...but Jake was too busy being in love with himself. Kasey looses her parents and her best friend in one night and will never be the same. She takes off and doesn't look back. Travis, forever waiting in the wings, felt like he would never get a chance with Kacey. He was not the smooth talker that Jake was and he was a little shy and a lot dorky. But now, he's all grown up, and man has he ever changed...Jake needs a favor from Kasey. His father has retired from his multibillion dollar company and now Jake is in charge. Jake's fast and loose lifestyle is not sitting well with the board. So he asks Kasey to go home with him for a weekend and pose a his fiance for the paparazzi. Kasey reluctantly agrees. The only saving grace in her mind is that Travis wont be there to torment her. She arrives at home for the first time since her parents died. She has to face her past. She has to deal with her unresolved feelings for Jake and she has to discover the real reason Travis has tormented her.This book was full of tough topics but was done in a lighthearted and funny way. It wasn't heavy at all. I absolutely adored this writing style and the flow of the book. And the end..LOVED IT!4 stars.