Scandalous 2 (Scandalous, #2) - H.M. Ward This is going to be a short and quick review, I just read and reviewed book one yesterday. This book continues immediately where book 1 left off. This one takes a massively different writing style. We see both Abby and Jacks point of view. I'm not an English pro but I think it's first person and third person limited omniscient. Whatever it was, it was annoying and confusing. The story continued to be somewhat unbelievable, i.e. Abby's drastic shift in world views. I loved Jack but his worries about Abby got a bit annoying. Maybe it wasn't him, maybe it was the way his voice came out, I had to put the Kindle down a few times. I found several grammatical errors too. For a self pub., no biggie, but this one wasn't. Bad form. Anywho...if I HADN'T read book one and this one was a stand alone it wouldn't have gotten three stars. The strength of book one alone gave this one three for me. I like HM Ward and will read more of her stuff.