Scandalous - H.M. Ward Scandalous looks at an artist who paints nudes but who walks a fine line between art and pornography, and a preacher who is searching for a way to put her ideals into practice. Abby left town ten years ago and hasn't looked back. Her family was gone and all she wants is to start over. The boy she loved rejected her. She is forced out of her church and sent out on her own without any money. She has to survive for a full year on her own and then they will take her back. Jacks life has been monochromatic for many years, then in walks Abby and his world turns on its axis. It becomes vibrant and full of color. Abby returns home to her best friend who agrees to take her in rent free for the year. All Abby has to do is land a job that will pay her student loan payments for a year. For someone of her limited experience, she is unlikely to land a job that will pay enough to cover the costs. She gets a tip on a job and finds herself at the home of Jack. He is the one who got away. He is the one who she has been running from and he is the one who could save her. This was a fast paced romance with some mystery and intrigue. I struggled a bit believing Abby's responses to Jack given her sexual naivete. Abby also seemed to have a rather rapid paradigm shift that seemed a bit unrealistic. Having said that, I like this book, I really did. Overall I give it 4 stars.