Nobody's Hero - Kallypso Masters Nobody's hero is another installment in the Rescue Me series. We get to see Adam and Karla's relationship develop. Adam first met Karla as she was running away from home at sixteen. Adam was mush older and had just lost his wife to cancer. He "rescued" her at a lonely bus station and helped her back home. Karla fell in love with Adam in that brief encounter. He knows that she is too young and takes er love as a foolish crush. Years later, as a retired Marine Master Sergeant, Adam opens a BDSM club with some of his war buddies. Karla saunters in requesting a job as a singer. Adam still sees her as a child, too young to be interested in. He finds it harder and harder to look the other way as she does everything in her power to entice him. This story is sweet and sexy. Karla is strong and Adam is stubborn. She is everything he needs and yet her resists her at every turn. I love seeing this series come together and the interplay between the characters and other couples. I adore Kallypso Masters writing style. I would recommend this book to fans of BDSM with a genuine love story. Definitively spicy but not as much so as some of the others in this series.