Forbidden Fires (Bondage & Breakfast #3) - Jodie Griffin How could I not love a book from a series called The Bondage & Breakfast series? This was a fast little scorcher. The main characters Delia and Colin have a history but haven't seen each other for a year. A mysterious arsonist prompts Colin to enlist Delia to help him solve the case. My Delia...Delia and Colin are both police officers. Over a year ago they had a short but intense relationship that ended abruptly. Delia still thinks about Colin but she knows it can never be. He could never possibly understand and accept her dark desires. My Colin...Colin has never quite gotten over Delia. He knows he should probably move on. When the going gets tough, Delia runs. He has to accept that he will never be able to handle that type of tumultuous relationship. The pair are forced to go undercover, in a BDSM retreat. Delia secretly loves the idea of letting her inner submissive loose. The only problem, she is there with Colin. She certainly won't be able to hide her desires from him. Her dedication to her job and the case override her fears of submission as they try to catch their arsonist. The buildup in this book was quick but it is the third in the series so not a great deal of back story is necessary. I loved that this was not just about the sex (even thought the sex was seriously hot). It was about a duo trying to solve a crime who happen to be really hot together. And things got hot and heavy quickly. I loved the tantalizing scenes where Colin was "learning" how to be a Dom. Yummy! This was super fast and super hot!4 Kinky Stars! Published April 1, 2013 ***This book was given by Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.***