A Taste of You (The Epicurean, #1) - Sorcha Grace Catherine has moved to Chicago to leave her old life behind. She takes a job as a food photographer. Her job, to make food look good. With the help of her best friend, who stages the food for the pictures, she has made a new career. She lands a big new account and goes to the restaurant to get the lay of the land and literally stumbles into William. The chemistry is palpable from the very first touch. Catherine knows she could fall for this guy and she also knows she is NOT looking for a relationship. William is a perpetual bachelor. He chooses his dates with great care. Being a billionaire, he has to. William is fun and exciting sometimes, and brooding and mysterious at other times. William owns many restaurants but his real talent is in the kitchen..and the bedroom. Catherine is torn. Her mind is saying run, but she can not deny her body's response to William. William didn't reveal much in this book. We don't know much about his past. I want to know what makes him tick. We learn about Catherine's past and it was tragic. I really felt for her. She wants to start over, but her past still haunts her. I love a good billionaire boyfriend story. This one was fresh and felt new. It didn't just copy the same mold as all of the other books in the sub-genre, yes, I think there are enough books for it to be a sub-genre. This book had some HOT, HOT, HOT, scenes. Who knew food could be so erotic. I will never look at chocolate and champagne the same again. It was a stellar start to what I predict will be an amazing series.4 Food Loving Romantic Stars.**ARC given by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.**