Beyond Control - Kit Rocha This one started out slow for me but got going hot and heavy toward the end. This one was a scorcher!This Dystopian Erotica continues as boundaries are expanded and hard limits tested. We get to see Dallas and Lex in all their glory. In the first book we get to see that Lex has a soft spot for victimized women and helping others. She can't seem to stop herself from reaching out to help the underdog. Will she get herself in over her head?She and the King of sector four, Dallas, have a non-committed relationship and both are craving more. Will moving to the next level bring them closer or tear them apart?The chemistry between Lex and Dallas...The chemistry between Lex and Dallas and Noelle and Jasper and... a few others...The writing duo that is Kit Rocha can write a scorching hot fantasy scene. I found the character development to be amazing. We gather insight into the minds of both Dallas and Lex. We also get to see the minds of several other side characters who I am sure we will see in the spotlight soon. There was a lot of political back-story in this one. At times I found it tedious but I know the authors are setting up the future books. I think I am the only one who found it tedious but even so it was still a four star book for me. Great job! Looking forward to the next books!***This book was given in exchange for a fair and honest review.***